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May 13, 2010


A JAPANESE lingerie maker has created a bra that GROWS RICE.

(Thanks to BillyJoeJimBob, Ralph, Trent Whitney and John Gregg)


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That's all well and good, but WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR BOOBIES?

I don't like rice that much.

there's barely enough
to feed a supermodel
when harvest time comes!

a bra filled with sake would be much more practical

Excuse me, my tempura is up here!

Happy once, happy twice,
Happy Asian breasts with rice.

darn. i was so hoping for NSFW on that one...

Snip 'n snack on those paddy packs:
You might give a boner...

Ricecake cheesecake.

What happened to my Lileks link?

So it's a paddied bra?

Rice with milk makes pudding.

I'm all for multi-tasking, but really, these are two things that clearly need to exist separately of each other.

This is exactly why I love the Japanese.

Not unlike the logic of the old expression, "like trying to whip farts out of a dead mule."

Even if you could, why would you want to?

I'm thinking this is for Water Maid brand rice...

*snork* @ bonmot's 'paddied bra' -
(without which they'd be pRiceless)

OK, guys, I double-dog dare you not to stare at that.

G-D pipetad keeps eating my comments

At first glance you might want to scoff
at rice grown in a bra trough.
But when hunger pangs strike,
you might find you'd like
to dine on some home grown breast pilaf.

There once was a gal from Tokyo,
who was an agricultural ho.
She stitched up her bra,
and grew rice there -- Viola!
Tis better to reap where you sew.

I've noticed, over the years, bras that do cause sum things to grow ...

But I've never heard 'em called "rice" before ...

Some called the invention baloney:
Said "Any Bra Growing is Phoney!"
But seedlings soon sprouted
And those who once doubted
Were treated to Hot Rice-a-Roni!

bravo, trustf8!

Bravo to all of the above poets. You gave this waaaaay too much thought.

Let's hear it for Japanese bras:

Nip nip hooray!

The model, a Japanese hottie
Wore a bra that did show off her body
Rather steamy (not fried)
It has seedlings inside
And it comes in white, brown, and basmati.

Way LTTG, SW .... but worth the wait. Nice one!

Thanks, MtB -- you're not too saggy yourself!

Wait for the bra that grows melons.

Ha ha ha Loudmouth -- but isn't that like bringing coal to Newcastle?

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