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May 12, 2010


I had an excellent event last night at Book Passage in Marin County. At the very end of the book-signing line was Jim Fox, who designs garments with lights in them. Here I am modeling a brassiere, which Jim claims had been autographed by Lady Gaga.


Jim also attended my 2006 event at Book Passage, where he appeared in his other identity as PenguinMan. His PenguinMan business card says "Now Performing Legal Weddings."

Thanks to everybody who came out last night. Tonight at 7:30 I'll be in San Francisco at Books Inc. In The Marina, 2251 Chestnut Street. I cannot promise that I will wear an illuminated brassiere, but you never know.


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Lemme guess. He's single, huh??


That's a good look for you, Dave!

That should be next week's 24 reminder.

Be here or be an illuminated brassiere...

And where is Dave's right hand? Is he playing with the on/off switch on Jim's suit? And is Jim's left hand trying to undo the clasp of Dave's bra? Enquiring minds want to know.

Mind you the way that Dave's fist is clenched, he looks like he's geting ready to punch Jim if asks him to model any more lingerie.

Must be that new
Victoria's Secret I'll Mature When I'm a Deadman Bra...
or 'You Light Up My Wife'

Hmmm...I see someone has deleted the previous crapcam photo. judi's hanging on to her job.

Al, they're turning each other on. NTTAWWT.

Dude, trust me - the 80's are over.

Lose the Rod Stewart lookalike hairdo.

Dave wrote a book?

What hasn't been autographed by Lady Gaga?

Dave's modeling the candlaahhhbra.

This gives me an idea for the next Naperville gathering. Not just dressing as Elvis... dressing as a light-up Elvis.

I wonder where I left my stapler so I can get started on the costume.

This definitely beats the underwear-on-the-head... Dave positively glows!

Cute Dave, cute.

Dave, Wear the bra and just the bra in SF! You will fit right in. Does it come in blue your favorite color?

Now you're looking truly strumpety, Dave.

Siouxie, since he's in California I think this guy is better suited for Annie. Dave, did he sing "You Light Up My Life" to you?

♫ Bra, bra, ah-ah-ah,
Ro-mah, ro-mah-mah
Gaga, ooh-la-la...♫♪

NMUA, I belive you have my stapler.


Moob over Lady Gaga.

Dave needs only a light-up thong and he's all set for Vegas.

If you are going to San Francisco
Be sure to light your ladies' underwear
If you are going to San Francisco
You are gonna meet some lit up people there

For those who come to San Francisco
Strumpettime will breed a glowing pair
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle penguins rarify the air

All across the nation
Such illumination
Penguins in motion
There is a whole generation
Having hallucinations
Penguins in motion
Penguins in motion

For those who come to San Francisco
Be sure to light your ladies' underwear
If you come to San Francisco
You are gonna meet some lit up people there
If you come to San Francisco
You are gonna meet some lit up people there

*lights up a suspicious hand rolled cigarette and passes it to MtB*

Dude... that was, like, moving...

What am I supposed to do with that, djt?


Do I want to know why Dave is wearing a glowing bra and standing next to Joe Walsh? No, I do not.

I thought it was Peter Tork, Hammie.

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!!


Don't talk about Dave's hair that way. He'll get a complex. :)

Is that Bruce Vilanch with him?

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Well, I tried to find a photo of a giant glowing codpiece for you, Siouxie. No luck. My nanny.bot prevented me. On the bright side, I may have to explain to Security why I was making the search for that item. *sigh*

Dave should watch wearing stuff like that and saying things like, "Thanks to everybody who came out last night."
Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Dave spent the rest of the night telling people, "Excuse me, my eyes are up HERE!"

Mr. Fox looks like he is lit up on cortisol.

Awww, Hammie. It's the thought that counts.

Now this is a bra I wouldn't mind having, Hammie. Siouxie would probably like one too.

Thank you Dave, you are a great model and you're welcome anytime to model the CyberBra for me again. I'll have to make one in your size though. See more of my stuff at www.GagaVille.com or PenguinMan at www.PenguinSongs.com. Joe Walsh, Peter Tork, I can handle that but Bruce Vilanch, please...

Jim, you MUST make one of those for my BFF, Punkin. You're gonna need a LOT more lights though.

Jim Fox, you are a good sport.

Also Jim, you look like Bjorn Borg.

wow, you're so right, notsherly, he does!
(and i'm sure THAT brightened him up!)

Welcome to the asylum Blog, Jim Fox.

I've been compared to a fat Jew, a Swedish Tennis Player and a Monkey. And you wonder why I'm single.

...but i bet you could change a lightbulb faster than any of them ;)

*snork* @ tf8!

Jim could walk into a bar as all three and be his own punchline. Something about the Jew davited, the tennis player volleyed and the monkeys light up bra tallied the score.

Welcome. Jim. Don't sweat, Dave.

If a fat jew, a Swedish tennis player & a monkey walked into a bar, which one would swing the most?

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