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May 15, 2010


A man who police said was naked except for a pair of woman's thong panties he was wearing on his head is the first person arrested under Boulder's new public nudity law.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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Question: in St. Augustine, we have "transients" that I remember seeing around for years. Shouldn't a transient actually go somewhere? Preferably clothed?

The Known Transients would be a good name for a formerly famous, hobo band.

I think he might be single, cindy.

Perhaps he was just re-enacting the convenience store robbery scene from Raising Arizona?

A principled protest against an unjust law, possibly aided by alcohol.

I thought those things came with instructions. Obviously, a lawsuit is in order.

You can have him, Jeff. Ford, a known transient, was arrested on suspicion of violating Boulder's ordinance prohibiting public nudity. What is this suspicion they're speaking of? Because he had panties on his head he wasn't nude?

Transients are people with no fixed address. Sort of like my house, which is in constant need of repair, and critters are always passing through.

I thought he was already dead.

yeah, wasnt he in a lotta 40's movies? of course - the naked and the dead?

There, but for the grace of God go I.

Was this story sent out as a news flash?

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Disregards Bradley Holton.

Laughs at Meanie the Blue.

Also disregards lard by the loon.

If he'd have worn the flowered panties he might have blended with the scenery.

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