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May 06, 2010


She REALLY loves Donny.

(Thanks to Steve [The Other Steve] Lancaster)


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I've always found him rather two-dimensional myself.

LOL Good grief. How big was the poster?

And WHICH private area was it in? Maybe she DIDN'T like him, afterall.

Shoddy reporting.

Happens to Barry Manilow posters all the time.

♫ "...and they called it Poopy Loooove"

Gah-gah-gaaah-hack. Hairball.

Most of us are satisfied by just kissing our Donny posters.


Donny would NOT approve..

At least it wasn't an eel.

Quick! Name a Donny Osmond song!
I thought so.

I loved Donny Osmond when I was about 13 years old. Steve, even though I wanted to marry him when I grew up (I was young and dumb) I cannot think of any of his songs other than 'Puppy Love'. My parents must have been saints back then because I played that song over and over AND sang to it.
This is for old times sake.
♬ And they called it, Puppy Love. Just because we're in our teens.♬
I wouldn't blame anyone for smacking me.

btw, my Donny Osmond posters stayed on my bedroom wall right next to my posters of Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy who I also wanted to marry when I grew up.

She's a little bit c*ntry; he's a little bit rock 'n roll?

yes, bm & according to those lyrics: 'Her music makes her hole'.

My wife is a big Donny fan, and for her birthday a couple of years ago I took her to Vegas and we went and saw Donny perform live. Not nearly as bad as you might think. Not that I'm recommending that any of you buy tickets, I'm just saying...

One might get her a get-well card with Donny on it .....but you'd be afraid of what she'd do with it.

Does this mean there could be a market for "The Donny Dildo"? I can see it now - dildos with the likeness of your favorite star! I'm gunna be rich!!!!!!!!!!

On the outside, she's just a harmless, somewhat overenthusiastic fan. On the inside, well.....

Donny was MY teen idol and I had many many of his posters UP ON MY WALL not UP MY WAZOO!

I still think he's sexy and cute and I will admit to owning Osmond albums AND cd's.

Go Away Little Girl
I'm leaving it all up to you
Sweet and Innocent
Twelfth of Never
Young Love

Yes. I was a FAN.

Siouxie, I had all of those 45's and also probably wore the grooves out listening to Crazy Horses and Down by the Lazy River. I still love him!
add me to the total fan list

Dave Barry's SO FUNNY on www.mediagaggle.com talking about the mystery of "24"

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