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May 28, 2010


Bagpipes scare off sewer rats

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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It's a reverse Pied Piper.

Ow Ow Owwwww!!!

Send them to Washington! Get rid of a few rats.

Doesn't Barry Manilow music already do the same thing????

Before Wellsian sewer tours unfurl,
in Vienna they give bagpipes a whirl.
They found that the rats,
go hors de combats
whenever they give them a skirl.

I wonder if it works for lawyers....

Gee, am I the only one here who actually likes bagpipes?

I know judi and Siouxie and nursecindy like bagpipers.

I like bagpipes and Celtic music. I also lived for a year next to someone LEARNING bagpipes. Yikes!

That was the end of Harry Lyme, but it was not the beginning.

Are the tourists given hearing protection, or at least a bottle of aspirin?

Now wait a darn minute. I love the bagpipes! And if they're walking around doing this in kilts they're going to have the bigger problem of Siouxie, Judi, and me following them around.

If there ends up being a service when I die, I asked that the music start with Freebird on bagpipes.

This is how it's usually done NMUA but Free bird works too. Warning to padraig. If you watch this get a tissue. 'tis a bit of the old country and will make you cry, lad.

NMUA: If all else fails, try here.

Nothing wrong with liking kilted dudes and their um...bagpipes.

This is an awesome band that I'm hopefully gonna see the next time I'm at Epcot.

Off Kilter

Amazing Grates.

*snork* @ Horace.

Siouxie, I assume you mean as long as their pipe hangs lower than their bag.

I was at a sci-fi con last weekend. They had--and to borrow a phrase, I am not making this up--a Star Wars imperial storm trooper in armor playing the bagpipes.

I didn't know Star Wars Imperial Storm Troopers were Scottish! Was he wearing a kilt over his armour, A@D?

Yes, Layzee. Unless it's a particularly cold day.

Bagpipe music has been described as "strangling a cat". But if it is done with skill......

Anybody able to tell me how you know when bagpipes are out of tune?

Elmo --
The viola players complain.

Late into today's game, as actual work had to be done, but still wanted to wish all a great Memorial Day w/e.

Oh yes, as for the bagpipes. One doesn't have to be musically gifted to play this particular instrument. One only needs to place four or five live cats into a burlap bag and the sound will be about the same.

Yeah, OC. The dead ones don't sound too good.

I say to those that don't like the pipes - pogue mahone!

>>Doesn't Barry Manilow music already do the same thing????<<

Play " Mandy " on the bagpipes and it works twice as fast.

Siouxie, that was good.

When we were kids the son of the landlord (they lived upstairs) went to visit the ancestral homeland (their name was MacDonald) and came home with bagpipes, which he practiced daily in the back yard until we put out a hit on him he got to where we could stand it.

In Edinburgh they have pipers playing on Princes Street much as you might here a guitarist here.

They're a lot better, though.

Freebird> When those pipes hit you just about break your teeth.

Wonder if the pipes work on tree rats.

Not a good idea to be around rodents when you're wearing a kilt. Never know when they may rise up and grab your nuts.

btw - the bagpipes were invented in Ireland, but we quickly booted them to Scotland. We're still tipping a pint to get over the sound.

You can tell bagpipe music is bad when even the bagpipers try to walk away.

Actually, bagpipe music is native to a lot of European countries. Of course, it's only in Italy where the art of bagpipe playing can truly be appreciated...

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