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May 24, 2010


Bertoletti Wins At World Poutine Eating Championship

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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spending the night in a bar, pissing his winnings up against a wall

Sounds like the lyrics from a Jimmy Buffet song.

I first encoutered poutine up in Montreal. Everyone eating poutine looks like that. Zee French are sooo sophisticated!

yucky. ewww. that. is. all.

Looks like he's wearing the stars and stripes!

Poutine is Quebec's gift to the world.

13 lbs in 1 sitting is kind of overdoing it, however.

Ahhhhhhh ... Poutine ... reminds me of all them Canadian classmates back in college ...

No ... I didn't partake ... I wuzn't even there ... and I only drove the car ... and they made me eat it!

Not what I thought I was reading.

My lover brought this down with her from Rochester, and she does this Dutchman proud by using Gouda in place of curd.

Was the CPR chick on call? Poutine has enough fat to clog anyone's system with normal intake; 13 pounds should be a lethal dose.

On second thought, without a hazmat suit, I wouldn't want to do chest compressions on anyone with that much poutine inside them.

After having originated from somewhere in the Maritime provinces, I still cannot wrap my head around cheese fries with gravy being labeled "poutine". Us "uncultured" peeps from NB had the poutine rapee http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Poutine long before this "disco fries" abomination showed up... not that a grey softball sized mass of grated potato with a ball of pork nestled inside is any more appetizing, but those frenchy-french Quebecois wouldn't know good food if it came up and slapped their gravy fries out of their hands and put some foie gras there instead.

/rant. :)


Poutine linky

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