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May 13, 2010


He could be single.

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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A dead octoPUS was the only one he could actually get


imagine all those tensticles...

Considering he had pictures of children also I'd say he's sick,sick,sick. May he remain single forever and never reproduce.

People in the articles on this blog always seem make bad choices with cephalapods. Or is it cephalipods....or is it...

Real life tentacle porn..

So, is he sponge-worthy?

I think it makes a difference if it was a squid or an octopussy.


Does he wear that Western style shirt so he can say, "Howdy, encephaloPodner!"

someone's posting comments under my name. I didn't write "SHHHH . . ." Don't even understand it.

It;s not very gallant to refer to Maud Adams as a dead animal or squid. She's just not a svelte as she used to be in her Bond days.

How specific is this law against sex with dead cephalopods? Does it mention them by name (Larry)?
I read that, once again, Florida has failed to make sex with animals illegal and I don't think they even considered octopi.

Bonmot, I was just going to compliment youi on the clever reference and then you disowned it.

Sh! The Octopus.

Would anyone have the nerve to ask if he's all hands on a date?

Actually in Florida it would make more sense to have a law against having sex with dead sharks given the number of them that seem to be driving around town.

They sound much more attractive if you call them Calamari, which is their preferred moniker. I'd still have to pass.

Fishermen refer to them as bait, in this case Jail bait.

Smells fishy.

Thanks for filling me in, Jeff.

My comment was a reference to Elaine from Seinfeld deciding whether a guy was hot enough to use up her dwindling supply of contraceptive sponges.

So, apparently, "dead" is OK, and "animal" is OK, but "dead animal" is not? Okaaay...

I hear that Squid is Naval slang for Grunt or Zoomie.

This is the problem with single men.. so many are "Handicapped" in some way... this is one sick puppy, to paraphrase Carl Hiassen

I don't much care about dead squid porn, but if he's making child porn he shouldn't have been given conditional bail; he belongs in jail.

Just finished Dave's new book. He totally nailed the TWILIGHT parody.

He's doing it wrong. The cephalopod is supposed to be alive.

I guess I've led a sheltered life: just how DOES one get it on with a cephalopod? I mean, what, exactly, goes where? Inquiring minds, etc...

P.S. Jeff -- I second that! Now I never have to read a teen vampire book -- another public service by his Daveness.

More squid surprises.

Ralph...Great link! "Friendly Squid" WBAGNFARB, or a bowling team

OBS, it's the other way 'round. Zoomies and grunts refer to Sailors as Squids.

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