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May 17, 2010


TAXPAYERS shelled out $250,000 for a talking-musical toilet under Royalties for Regions - while the West Australian Government has been trying to shave 3 per cent from state spending, including hospitals.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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First, I would suggest that Mr Grylls salary be channelled to worthwhile projects that he could defend.
Second, a "prefabricated automatic toilet" sounds like a total waste (ha) until it talks to you. At that point, you laugh until you poop. It works!

Musical Toilet WBAGNFARB, or a Nicolas Cage movie.

I am not sure "What the World needs now is love, sweet love" is the best choice. "Copacabana" would definitely make me drop a deposit; any other suggestions?

I guess Yellow River is too obvious.

Many Rivers to Cross?

But is it low flow? How can you claim that this is your most important campaign issue if you, a Pullet Surprise winning columnist, can't even cover the details?!?!?

$250K? A mere drop in the bucket.

Piss poor.

Wrong Bachrach tune. It should be "Raindrops Keep Falling in the Head."

Or Kenny Roger's singin' 'bout "400 children that crap in the field . . ."

Bunbury residents said they were fascinated that the space-age dunny said "welcome" to clients and played a piano version of Burt Bacharach's What the World Needs Now Is Love.

I would definitely take a wide stance at that toilet...

actually that would be me. Sorry, Joe Bob...

I vote for the song played during Dave's colonoscopy. Dancing Queen.

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