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May 29, 2010



(Thanks to The Perts)


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Ewww, eh?

I would think the defining description of these guys would be being "in possession of squeeze bottles or containers of feces" and not being Hispanic because being Hispanic isn't the problem.

Oh, God! It's a pooper-shooter.

Not sold in stores.

Kinda makes you wanna slap their testicules, huh?

Exactly, Siouxie.

The suspects are described as being Hispanic and "could be in possession of squeeze bottles or containers of feces," Toronto police said in a release.

Our cops are not paid enough to deal with this sh!t.

*snork* at Cheesewiz

I thought the anglo-Canadians spelt it faeces like they use the British spelling of lots of othre wourds.

Suspects are believed to be armed and malodorous.

Good thing it wasn't two girls and a cup.

I could have gone the rest of my life, happily, not knowing this info. Thanks alot Perts.

Well, then, whatever you do, NC, do *NOT* Google "Two Girls, One Cup". Seriously.

No, really seriously. Do. Not. Go. There.

I am not joking and ISIANMTU.

what kind of law is Arizona gonna come up with NOW?!!??

Sorta adds a different connotation to the phrase "havin' the squirts" ... eh?

I think Lex Luthor used this on Superman. It may have been kryptonite instead of feces.

A group of "travelers" once hit a grocery in my town. They looted the safe as the clerk was distracted. They were caught and placed in jail. Unfortunately, they seemed to have an unending supply of human feces to throw at the jailers whenever they walked by.
The worst part is that it worked. They were taken out, escorted to the county line, and told to not come back.
The money was not recovered.
If I had my way, what they threw should have been returned to them for dinner.

They should go to Vegas and win money legally.

They are naturals at playing (with) craps1

Steve, as a part time nurse for the fine folks in the slammer here, the officers I've worked with would not only have given it back to them for supper but would have fed it to them as well. ScottMGS, thanks a lot. Of course I googled it.

Just doing it for giggles and s---s.

I tried to warn you but do you listen? Noooo! *sigh*

ewww. ewwww. yick.

Sounds too much like politics.

nursecindy, you only JUST NOW saw "Two Girls, One Cup?"

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