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May 22, 2010


Surf's up!

(Thanks to CJrun)


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The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was first!

As someone who is not crazy about bridges anyway, this would be a nightmare.

No big deal. Just another normal day out here in California.

Kowabunga! (Somebody had to say it.)

Like a Troubled Bridge Over Waters.

But it looks like they didn't let the motorists surf it. Spoil-sports.

Exactly! I know a bunch of daredevil drivers who'd have done it in an instant, right Siouxie?

That bridge scares the bejeebus out of me. But if that were here, I'll bet some kids with skatebaords would be all over it.

Are you sure this isn't in Minnesota??

That bridge has a standing wave on it. I give it two months tops.

I dunno. Looks fake to me.

Here's the video of "Galloping Gertie" over the Tacoma Narrows.

It's fake... unless it was accompanied by moaning and heavy breathing.

There used to be a one-lane wooden suspension bridge over the Big Sandy River near Prestonsburg KY. That thing was a real hoot to drive over. Very enjoyable.

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