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May 20, 2010




(Thanks to KJP, bonmot, Siouxie, Catherine, Guin and Horace LaBadie)


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And the Brits made fun of the Vancouver Olympics? Clearly they have lost their minds...


Where's Tinky Winky when you need him/her/it?

I'm guessing that these two are single too Souxie.

After China did so well with their animal mascots, London decided to use twin trouser weasels.

and that's a one-eyed WTF?

Maybe they're related to Layla on Futurama?

You can read the comments of actual Londoners at the London Times' article. Hilarious.

Thanks, Al.

I blame many many many many PINTS of beer.

I nominate my 8 yr old as designer of the 2016 logo.

I just noticed, their names are "Wenlock and Mandeville."

Wenlock and Mandeville. Honest.

Good choices. No way for anyone to make fun of those names!

BTW, the one on the right seems to be fighting through some nasty orchitis.

I have a couple of those for cleaning off the grill.

I don't know Mandeville but I have been through Wenlock (actually "Much Wenlock" and "Little Wenlock") and to say "there is no there there" (as Gertrude Stein did about Oakland) would be to understate things greatly.

I think Siouxie is right, it was beer - in huge quantities.


"Cute as a pair of tapeworms." (comment in the London Times)

Or, as we like to call them in America, "Penis-head and Mutant Lisa Simpson"


Funny you should say that, Punkin, because some have observed that the logo follows a similar theme. If you picture it as a sort of shrunken-head Bart on the left and Lisa on the right...

the penis on the right wet itself

Ack, ack, ack. Utterly, horribly, embarrassingly awful. I really don't think the human body could hold enough beer to be responsible for such dreadful things. Perhaps terrorists found an old stash of the brown acid and added it to the committee's tea. If I was on the committee that would be my story, anyway.

And they spent over half-a-million dollars designing them! HAR!

Somewhere in London, someone is just trying to keep a straight face until the check clears.

Maybe the big eye is symbolic of big brother watching your every single move.

They look like a couple of molars, or better yet, incisors. One thing's for sure, the designer is a dentist.

kodos and kang trying to blend in?

Reminds me of a couple of walking toilet bowls.

The Governor of Kentucky some years ago had a press conference announcing the new car license. It was the sun rising over the horizon on Kentucky, but the sun was a smiley-face ala Wal-mart. Many of us thought he was playing a practical joke but, sadly, he was not. The State had paid a firm to come up with that.
I read that an advertiser's group had given it an award. Unfortunately, it was viewed by Kentuckians as being on a par with leftover mucus.
Maybe these characters could be called "The Mucoids".

Maybe they could rename them 'Bol' and 'Locks'?

Not since the Atlanta olympics sperm has something been so strangely oddly creepily oh lord I give up.

An explanation of the symbolism of the mascots is at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/olympics/london2012/7744654/London-2012-Olympic-mascots-Wenlock-and-Mandevilles-design-features-explained.html

It doesn't help...

They remind me of a button I once saw that said "Do not look into laser with remaining eyeball."

Which one is gay?

Punkin, I'm sure your 8 year old would do a *much* better job. And it would probably be cuter and lett weird.

It's amazing how much people pay for what seem like extremely dopey logos/mascots/etc.

Based on this, I expect some major hallucinogen-themed opening ceremonies.

They are supposed to be drops of steel from the smelting plant where the girders for the stadium were forged. This naturally explains how they became anthropomorphic, why they have one massive eye, and why they have a taxi light affixed to their heads This last detail was really a point of pride with the committee.

Will this make London even MORE popular with tourists?

Will attendees be laughing their arses off?

Will the "characters" have a voice? And who will the
"voice" be? Robotic? Or idiotic?

Makes me long for the days of Jupiter 2's Robot from
the Irwin Allen TV series, Lost in Space.

And I quote : Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!

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