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May 29, 2010


The guys from Maine who became online celebrities by creating geysers from Mentos candies and Diet Coke say they have harnessed that power to create a "rocket car."

(Thanks to The Perts and PirateBoy)


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Isn't there some sort of uber-guy award that these guys should have earned?

There is just no beating real life!

Hey, Dave should write a book about this experiment, no?

I'd buy that book, Siouxie! Oh, wait...

At the very least it would discourage tailgating.

I saw that this morning. Can't wait for the unveiling on June 1.

*camps in front of computer*

You're not foolin' anyone, Jeff. You're *always* camping in front of your computer. As are, I suspect, most of us, here.

WHAT?? you mean we're supposed to have a life?


The computer. My favorite place to camp.

Don't tell the Coke® Classic™ guys, or they'll get all upset that they're using Coke Zero0.

The ACME Corporation is going to be very interested in this.

We can only pray that Iran doesn't get hold of this technology.

Loose lips sink shipsspew foam.

If they had girlfriends I suspect this endevor would stop.

LeDud, this is why their girlfriends probably drink shop for shoes all day.

Here are the same two guys, with 400,000 sticky notes in an office!

Very cool, Pb. Thanks.

*goes off to find some sticky notes*

Don't tell Al Gore. He would want to outlawit because the carbonation releases too much CO2 (but he would have one in his expansive play room).

Throw on a couple of toasters with flaming poptarts in them and you would have quite a show.

Wait. I thought Max Keenan and Parker Booth invented those geysers.

Explosive diarrhea... the next untapped energy source.

Alsome. Can't wait.


It went 220+ feet. Pretty cool.

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