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May 17, 2010


Here is where we stand:

Last week Jack, who is finally starting to come out of his shell, used his powers of persuasion as well as pliers, a blowtorch, a knife, a power drill, a chainsaw, a pickaxe, a roto-tiller, a backhoe and an industrial sandblaster to extract a SIM card from the digestive system of the Russian agent Pavel. Jack now knows that former President Handbag is involved with the Russians, which means Jack will be paying him a call.

Meanwhile everybody at CTU (Motto: "The One Thing We Never Actually Do Is Counter Terrorism") is secretly working to thwart everybody else.

Edgar is still dead.

I regret to say that I am still traveling, although I may be able to join you for some of the show. Be sure to stay tuned in the comments section afterward for the wrapup by The Amazing Steve. Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll:

Do you think the writers are ultimately going to kill Jack?
I think Jack should ultimately kill the writers.
pollcode.com free polls

UPDATE: "You killed that man, didn't you." Um, duh.

UPDATE: Mrs. Sham certainly did not take long to get over the death of her husband.

UPDATE: President Woman President sure has a modest desk.

UPDATE: Darth Jack.

UPDATE: I can't believe he didn't kill Handbag.

UPDATE: People tend to open up to Jack.

UPDATE: "He shot to wound." That Jack! Such a softie.

UPDATE: WOW! Death by poker!

UPDATE: Excellent move by Jack, bugging the Handbag.

UPDATE: Take it, T.A.S.


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Has anyone told judi that today is Craig Ferguson's birthday?

Ready to go! Posting about an hour after the show!

Here! Watching House now.

Hey, ya'll! I can't believe we only have one more week

Hope Jack catches up with the ex-pres tonight, & sends him to hell-in-a-handbag!

Checking in!!!

Watching Chuckles and primed and ready for Jack Bauer Power Hour!

Anyone else primed? Or sub-primed?

My aunt looks like that old picture of B.M. I was hoping Dave was through traveling and would be with us tonight. Also, I was afraid to click on the picture of Edgar after seeing the picture of Pavel.

Checking in.

I'm here!

So if I have this right, House is dealing outcome of the the 24 series finale.

Hi everyone.

So, fellow Bloggites, what have we decided? Which show are we liveblogging after 24 ends?

Hi everyone! Signing in!

Alas, I can't blog the finale next week due to work.

House, facing a real dilemma.

What teh heck is going on with House? He looked like he'd just had an interview with Jack Bauer.

I wrote new lyrics for a little ditty about Jack and Renee. It's posted in the comments section of tonights

We should have a poll on when and how Handbag will die.

House suicide cliffhanger!

No Greg. You can't fix yourself. That's why we love you.

Anyone hoping the Smoke Monster gets Handbag? ;)

has house been using those vodka shot glasses?

House! Action! Shooting to follow!

New Castle tonight.

Jack "coming out of his shell" -- love it.

As for new shows to liveblog we may have to wait for the networks Upfronts to be over. They are all bringing in a ton of new titles.

That was an awful ending to the season for House.

This thing is much too big to be some lost dinosaur.
We need bigger guns.
Negative impact? That's the goddamned Chrysler Building!
You've caused more damage than that goddamn thing did!

*Lee Wiley's version of Cole Porter's "Let's Fly Away" begins playing*

Just shoot away
At thighs and hands that're warm and alive
Where the lifeless never have a sex drive
For Freckles, we pray...

Just shoot away
And hope that you hit something as well
Who knows, you might just hit Dave Chappelle
(He's funnier, Jay!)

Jack'll end your life on time
From across the room.
He'll look up all your crimes,
Terrorizing you!

Keep them at bay.
Form perimeters to the east
New York is their own hell,
Just shoot away!

Jack'll end your life on time
From across the room.
He'll look up all your crimes,
Terrorizing you!

Keep them at bay.
Make Bauer's Potter our own otter...
New York is their own hell,
Just shoot away!
Just shoot away!

J A C K B A U E R P O W E R H O U R !

Brought to you by: JackSack™ ("JackSack™'s ready to shoot and stab and grimace away...") and ChloeSack™ ("ChloeSack™ is ready to get away...with a Snickers™ bar!.")


This season's "24" intros are brought to you in memory of my dear friend Michael "Sparky" Bushaw, who passed away the day after this past Christmas. Sparky, my fraternity big brother, best man at my wedding and best friend for the last 20 years, was the one person with whom I watched "24" when it originally premiered on Fox. Always a fan of the show, I believe it fitting to dedicate this season in his memory. Rest in peace, brother...I miss you!

Bone surprises? Stolen Peter?

Hi everyone,

Please tell me they did not just go there with House.

Cassie, that would be a crossover episode I'd pay to watch.

Hi, y'all!!

They should have just ended it with him staring at the Vicodan!

*gag* on the House ending

Why didn't you tell me you had a short story in the Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance? I just started it.

BTW I think Cindy's got another NYT bestseller with Risk No Secrets. Love it.

Who's she?

Now Madam President is going to have to resign.

Oh yeah.


Novella in Mammoth Bk of Spec Ops Romance for your Kindle :).

No, Jenn. It was just an induced nightmare.

cindy - wasn't that Pavel link a Manilink, too? It was ugly enough.... ;)

Better late than never....I'm ready for Darth Jack!!!

I see Handbag is wearing the tie he got while in Clown College.

Your car to the heliport is waiting downstairs.

So is Jack.

It seems this will be yet another Aaron-less hour :(

cordon? he meant perimeter!


Contain Jack? You're joking.


Heh, your message came up before mine! Hope you enjoy it. Cindy is the best. Great roommate too :).

Jason's ass kissing is getting nauseating.

ewwww guts

Jack was planning on a simple barbecue, and it went wrong...that's all.

the weiner is sure sucking up to the weasal

Jack's out for blood. So are the viewers.


"He killed Pavel."

That's a nice way of putting it.

Oh good, he did give details. That'll make dude's upper lip sweat.

I've got the tradesize copy of it. OMG, I love the authors in this anthology.

I'm laughing at the beginning. Bwahahahaha

Does Handbag have any blood?

Jeff, exactly my thoughts on the final scene of House.

Somehow, I knew those two would be together. I just didn't think it would be so graphicUpsetting.

Don't worry, Handbag. Jack will keep you "posted".

"Tracing it may take a while, I'm not usually this sober at this hour."

Oh no, the IRKistani plot is back.

Cassie - email me the title of that, willya? I'll have to see if they have it for nook.

uh oh
jack said trust me. That means that she's dead.

What happened to the drones? Don't they have them out and looking for Jack too? Oh... that would be plot.

She'll surely be safe at a pay phone!

Coming soon: the greatest 24 moment evah!

Ah, thank goodness - some Peace Process talk!

God, he IS Nixon!

That Pavel dude...what a gutless terrorist.

this guy bleeds slimyness

When Jack tells you to trust him it's your cue to run screaming.

Logan's having a power-gasm

Har at Siouxie

She let Ethan go for Logan? The woman is demented,

Jack is surprising composed after that outbreak of violence.

He's a real professional.

Trusted editor? You know they'll go for him/her first! Silly, Jack.

She's smiling an awful lot for a woman who's been a sudden widow for only a few hours. Most folks would be tranqed or hysterical.

"Overly optimistic?" There's an understatement.

You know, Handbag has always said things were "under control"...yet they never have been.

"Also, those pictures of us at that swingers club was on the SIM card. we have to stop BAUER!"

So now Presdient woman president is talking about the constitution and freedom of the press

Do we drink when President Lady agrees to do what Logan says?

CLearly is was overly optimistic.

That's one way of putting it, Charlie, You were overly optimistic about Martha too.

I hope Jack gets her after him.


You started mine already? Aw. Thanks!

Suddenly Woman President IRKistan has a hard political edge?

Handbag and his crew: Wily E. Coyote
Jack: The Roadrunner

Handbag vs. the 1st Amendment...I will put my money on the 1st Amendment...

The news will start a war? Great, better news to cover!

Logan is the devil. Begone temptation !

Slap him!

Aw, come on, no one else enjoyed the House/Cuddy kiss? Of course they'll probably mess up the ensuing romance, as 99.9 percent of TV romances are eventually messed up, but it was a sweet moment!

Call Ethan, dummy and get this turdball out of here.

Handbag looked like he was going to grab Woman President woman's boob. EW.

Wow, Handbag makes the best Mephistopheles!

Beacons Of Righteousness WBAGNFAThrashBand

This ass is so crooked he can use a corksccrew to eat soup.

Gennita's novella is in the Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance. It's not available on the nook at the moment.

Cindy Gerard's Risk No Secrets is on the nook. She writes Special Ops romantic suspense. Love her Bodyguards series too.

If it will sell ad spots it will be published.

This guy is amazing as a slimebag

He's the Dark Lord of the Saks Fifth Avenue Handbags...

"every decision was yours. Let's not pretend otherwise.' What a snake! I love him! But his moment--the coolest moment--is coming soon...!

If Handbag was such a good judge of character he should have known Jack would get away.

Allen at Division here, with a bulletin. After 8 years we at Division have officially run out of personnel to send to take over the revolving door of CTU chief. Every person we sent who wasn't actually a mole was a weasel, an idiot, or a hobbit whose primary duty was to get in Jack's way and to veto Chloe's suggestions. Therefore, we are announcing that the new head of CTU is the brilliant and resilient--Dave Barry. Congratulations, and if you last longer than a day, you've surpassed every person we've had in this job.

Genn, I just started Into Danger. So far - excellent! :)

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