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April 30, 2010


"I started to go back and write another note, but I just decided to give her poop back," Hofmann said Wednesday.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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So is Hofmann's job in Bend over?

Business should be picking up again soon.

*Snork@ tf8*

"Hofmann has been making a living picking up other people's dog poop for about 10 years."

Enough said.

She'll be back after a month of community service picking up poo.

Let's send her to Washington.

Offensive littering. Ya think?!

♪ Poop - there it is! ♫

i didn't realize that giving someone a load of sh!t was a literal term.

Free government poo removal is the only answer to this tragic breakdown of our poo removal system.

Wait a minute.......

Anyone tried to pick you up (or conversely, fling you), Punkin? If you see Hammie carrying a shovel, run the other way.

Satisfaction guaranteed or double your crap back!

Meanwhile, the capuchin monkey living next door, Lucy, watches and screeches with excitement.

I thought people in Oregon were all peace loving people. This woman had cancer! *makes note to pay garbage collection bill asap just in case they get an idea from this article*

Actually, nursecindy, Bill Cosby already raised that possibility decades ago. He noted that "the image of Christmas" was an open hand from the mailman, the milkman, etc, all coming by for their Christmas tip. In one case, he demurred, and the garbage man responded, "Remember, sir, we also deliver!"

If she can spend $700 on drugs she can darn well afford to pay her bills.

Company motto: We're No. 1 with your No. 2.

Her Chinese lawyer, Hu Flung Dung. They would have to take it to Smell Claims Court.

Now that's what I call a shitty situation.

*kicks self for failing to send this in*

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