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April 17, 2010


One of Elizabeth Patricia McDaniel's bra cups didn't look quite right to federal agents who were investigating an alleged drug deal Tuesday night in Fairbanks.

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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How long did he have to stare to decide it didn't look right?

Beware of those uneven shapes

OK,... did it look left, then?

Silly woman. Didn't she know you're supposed to put a sock in each cup?

He probably showed it to a couple of other male cops first. As back up.

Fotos? I din't see fotos ... shoddy reporting ... how is the average reader to evaluate and use logical reasoning, if vital information and statistics are not provided?

Sounds like brasial profiling to me.

Let that be a lesson to all...Don't ever meth with University of Fairbanks police.


No pictures?

And yes, Misshapen Bra WBAGNF Miley Cyrus's back-up band.

Operating a vehicle with gross negligee.

a woman officer wouldn't have noticed..

got it,, dave.
(took a while, I thought you might have been losing it... with the banning of guns 'n' all.. (ha)

Another Victoria's Secret Stash.

Beware of people who use all three names when the first name is not Mary.

You know...

Lee Harvey Oswald
John Wilkes Booth
John Wayne Gacy
Elizabeth Patricia McDaniel
Billy Ray Cyrus

and beware of singers who have split hair..

'just sayin'
Miley Cyrus AND Hannah Montana.

nice story...thanks

she really had no idea.. I mean, I was in the store seeing new stuff out that I had already grown up with.. (like fleetwood mac) and like, Miley and Hannah were on two seperate albums, and I'm like, wha???

milloins of years to my one month (isolated) I mean what is going on.. really I'm 49. not milloins of years that we don't even keep track anymore.

also, may need to go back to the "hospital"

Welcome to a new game show here on the Dave Barry Blog. Today we're going to all try to guess WHAT DRUG IS THAT SPAMMER ON?

If you're a cop it could be a good excuse the next time you get caught staring at a women's chest.
"I'm checking for drugs, ma'am".

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