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April 29, 2010


It's risky.

(Thanks to catmanmax, Chuck Cody and nursecindy)


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*Refuses to even comment*

The only safe response is to bite down on the cyanide-capsule-false-tooth...

alcohol involved, ya think?

" ...and your mustache needs trimming. "

That guy was one of three things; drunk, stupid, or drunk and stupid.
They should have shown us a picture of the women, though.

Anna Godfrey. It was a low-fat ear.

apologies to Jason Mraz :)

So Please don't call me 'FAT' no more, no more
It's not my weight, I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is your fate: I'm yours!

Scooch on over closer dear
And i will NIBBLE your EAR!!!

More here...

We all know that he is lucky to be alive.

That ranks right up there with "Are you pregnant?" on the stupid list.
True story: some of my co-workers once got after me for not congratulating one or commenting on her pregnancy. I told them that no one ever actually told me she was pregnant. And any man with a double or triple-digit IQ never assumes that fact.

I could have told him that no good would come from saying that.

Do these pants make me look fat? No, it's your big a$$ that makes you look fat.

Maybe she was hungry.

Y'all makin' me hungry, girl...

I think it was Dave that said to never assume a woman is pregnant unless you are actually observe a baby coming out of her...

are ^^

Inside every fat woman is a part of a thin man trying to get out.

When stoopidness of this magnitude is demonstrated, it is usually interesting to see whut the stoopid one looks like ... takin' a SEWAG, my thot is that he's prolly not likely to win any (insert current "sexiest man alive" or similar physiognomicalness name here) look-alike contests ...

If this guy said something like that to me, I'd probably let it slide.

So yeah, um, was she?

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