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April 28, 2010


Idaho Scientists Find 3-Foot-Long Spitting Earthworm

(Thanks to Ralph, Gerry Sillivan, bonmot and Alaska Marty)


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Not to confused with the one eye spitting snake.


spitting earthworms of idaho -wbagnfarb

This reminds me very much of my ex-husband.

You mean Tremors was real?!

Thank God I live in Missouri. And that I'm about as well armed as Burt Gross and Reba McEntyre were in the movie...

Judging from some of the comments, especially Tash's, I'm not looking at this.

I was just about to send this in. I need to make sure my children don't do any google image searches for spitting worms.

NC, it was just the idea of it. But it's pretty eeeeewwwwwy.

Makes that legendary giant earthworm that spits lightning in China seem more probable.

“Apparently some boy was swinging it in the air like a rope and it stretched.”

“It’s between nine and 10 inches.”

She admits that’s a far cry from earlier claims of three-foot worms.

Overstating the length of the worm sounds like your ex, huh Tash?

"I once caught an earthworm that was thiiiiis big!" (spreading arms wide).

Idaho? YOU da ho!

Yay!! I got posted!!

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