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April 19, 2010


From Dung to Coffee Brew With No Aftertaste

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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I saw that the other day but was too grossed out by the picture to actually read the story.


I know someone who has some of those beans.

I told him I'm a tea drinker.

Just goes to show you the "old adage" is true...

One man's (or animal's) dung is another's overpriced coffee!

Our reporter also understands that like McDonalds food, it goes right through you!

I'm almost certain this topic has been blogged before...

most certainly. his daveness actually wrote on the subject, saying that luwak coffee tasted like "someone had rinsed a dead cat in it". which means that he actually drank some. i think.

we have a civet or two in our local zoo. i have smelled their wee and i don't want anything to do with their poopy.

They're just doing their civet duty.

"produces a brew described as smooth, chocolaty..."

Why should that be a surprise?


This tastes like sh!t!!!

Or doody.

My teenage son and I had a good laugh about that story over the weekend.

I'll try a lot of things, but I think I'll pass on the asscoffee.

Hell, I think actual coffee tastes like $#!t. No way I'm going to drink that stuff...

Hey, isn't this the "weasel doots" coffee that was blogged about years ago??

Must be a really big demand for it now since the weasel doot harvesters have formed their own association.

And Weasel Doots wbagnfarnrb.....from Seattle!

The Atlantic describes it (and not in a complimentary way) as "The Horse Meat of the Coffee World". Also, "bland..tasted as though it had been treated ... distinctly unpleasant. ... I certainly never wanted to taste it again."

From dung to coffee to urine.

The circle of life!

I loooove superficial, pretentious, shallow, image-conscious people! You can sell them ANYTHING as long as you tell them it's incredibly exclusive and rare and you charge them an obscene amount of money for it.

Someone is laughing all the way to the bank -- good for him!

As with many things in this life, I wonder about the first person to think this was a good idea.
My theory is that it was an attempted poisoning gone horribly wrong.

You couldn't drown that in enough Cinnamon Vanilla Hazelnut Pumpkin Spice and Whipped Cream to get me within a holf mile of it.

Couldn't be any worse than St@arbucks. Tastes like burnt sh!t and people pay 5 bucks a cup for it because, well, dammit I have to like it because everybody else does. I'll take my Dunkin D coffee any day.

I don't know why you have to use civets; passing the beans through many other mammals should work as well. Why not use rats? It might solve this old problem.

I thought I was the only one who didn't love St@rbucks. My daughter stops every chance she has but wonders why I stay in the car. If I want that coffee, I'll leave the pot on overnight and drink the burned tar at the bottom.

I recently had the opportunity to try kopi luwak. I did not find it "chocolaty" and the "bitter aftertaste" was akin to battery acid. I'll stick with Starbucks. But now I can scratch it off my bucket list.

wo zai malu bian,jian dao yi fen qian,ba ta jiaogei jingcha shushu.

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