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April 26, 2010


A rave review. Or at least a review.


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Can't wait for the Page Six dish on what happened backstage.

It's a not-so-sucky review!

Blount makes up for his deficiencies with lots of funny hats, a dance step that seems to require seizure medication and a load of enthusiasm.

True dat!

"cleared the quality bar ... Barry ... was slick in his guitar work. The rest of the ... lineup also ... pretty good ... There is some star potential in this outfit. Amy Tan has the rock-chick thing down totally. Tan ... was very believable playing percussion with a cat-o'-nine-tails on the derrieres of her bandmates.

The other surprising talent in the band was courtroom fiction writer Scott Turow. "

Suckless Review in Tactless Rag

They didn't mention the obvious fun the band was having among themselves and with their audience. Any music that happens is a bonus. I'd pay to watch this group shell peas.

*WAVES* @ Laribo, Jeff, and M. LeBleu.

*Snork* at Meanie

"notorious all-author band"? Well, my family was very entertained at Thursday's Philly show (our first, and hopefully not last, Remainders concert.) Where else could have that kind of fun and "free a library" at the same time?

I want to buy a shirt that says: Rock Bottom Remainders. Not as bad as you would think.

cindy, most of the t-shirts were sold (or went to the VIP payers) early and I think NotSherly got the last couple before we left. The rest of us bought RBR baseball caps.

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