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April 19, 2010


A senior Iranian cleric has claimed that dolled-up women incite extramarital sex, causing more earthquakes in Iran, a country that straddles several fault lines, newspapers reported on Saturday.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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"Did the Earth move, baby, or am I that good?"

As if.

See. It's the women's fault. Except for Siouxie, who has a machete exception.

I can see several fault lines in this theory.

That seems reasonable. The wimmins gots it goin' on "down there" and the mens notice what's left (jiggling) (topside) right?

Were there any issues of fatwillieswas?

Now I feel so much better about them having nuclear weapons.

You cannot argue with this. No, literally, you cannot argue with this.

So, sex within marriage doesn't cause earthquakes, but sex outside marriage does? How can the earth tell?

If you're blaming a quake
On our feminine souls,
Then volcanoes YOU make
'Cuz you're bigger ash holes.

wingpup: the sex within marriage involves much less movement

I wonder what the Westboro church folks have to say about this

two words:

badonk, adonk.

that is all.

Anyone else reminded of our religious "leaders" claiming 9-11 was God's punishment for our wicked ways? The question is, are the Iranian people snickering or rolling their eyes, too?

Richard, to be fair, not all religious leaders were claiming this.
Hammie look what Siouxie let me borrow! She said it would help me to get over the jitters since I quit smoking about a week ago. Anybody want to fight??

I a tol' ya so.

Emeril should be blamed for the Bam earthquake.

I'd like to show my machete to meet this so-called cleric. What a maroon.

Brought to you by the religion that seeks global theocracy! He should hook up with the Egyptian cleric who says it's ok for a woman to work in an office with men with whom she's not related, as long as she breast feeds them first. *snork* @ horace.

And whaddaya expect when you live in place called "Bam"?

Bonmot - I would be OK with that office arrangement, but have you ever actually tried breast milk? Um, me neither, but I'm told it's extremely sweet to the point of nausea. Can we arrange it so that the woman can work in your office if she gives you, say, beer instead?

Sounds to me like this cleric's getting his story out there before the scandal breaks!

Next announcement will be from 72 former virgins.


Paraphrasing the great Heinlein, "One man's theology is another man's belly laugh".
Each of us has beliefs that others find strange. At a relative's insistence, I participated in "The Lord's Supper" once. In the middle of it, my mind said that this was ritualized cannibalism.
I'm sorry if this offends any Christians out there, but I couldn't finish it.

Sex Fuels Earthquakes

Well, yeah, if you're doing it right.

taint their chastity

Huh-huh, he said "taint."

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