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April 28, 2010


... to bring you some column-related news. We don't know if you have noticed, but we are once again posting a "classic" column on the Dave Barry page each Sunday. Some of these will be local stories that may not have been syndicated, and some will be a little more "classic" than others, if you know what we mean. If you have any favorites, be sure to let us know (and put "classic column" in the subject line, please). This one was requested by a reader from Australia.

Thank you. (Many thanks, also, to the amazing Bert for his assistance and advice.)

We now return you to your regular afternoon blogginess.


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In other words, Dave's going on vacation!

Bert looks like a clerk in a patent office.

I always knew there was another genius working behind the scenes.

Mr Language person explaining the grammatically correct way to use the words "effect" and "insect" please.

This was a world-class interruption.

Mr. Norgay is evidently a man with world-class patience.

Definitely - the one about the sewage treatment plant in ND.

It's hard to pick just one. I like them all! One of my favorite's however wasn't funny at all. It was about Dave's mom and it made me cry. The name of it was "Lost In America". If you've never read it you should.

that's one of the ones he got the pulitzer for, cindy, and it's on db.com

Any of the ones featuring Earnest and Zippy!!

Bite me, CJ!

Dave - I have been trying to find one of your columns for a long time, but it's a seasonal one. It's about going to the mall at Christmas. There was a particular section about trying to park that my Mom and I still quote when we go shopping and can't find a parking space.

I can't recall the text exactly, but it talked about "Festivally revving your engine behind shoppers' kneecaps" as you encouraged them to get back to their cars faster, while whistling carols through your clenched teeth.

I would love to see that one again! Please?!

One of those grammer articles. Maybe the one for humor-impaired people.

I think we are supposed to email requests to judi:

If you have any favorites, be sure to let us know (and put "classic column" in the subject line, please)

Thanks, Judi. I never noticed that natterings section before. Way cool. Even cooler is the fact that PITHY INTO THE WIND actually did win him a Pulitzer.

Thanks Judi. I hope people will look this one up. I guess it hits me harder because my own mom has a brain tumor and some days she doesn't even know me. However, today she told me Happy Birthday with some prompting from my dad. This and the birthday wishes from all of you really made my day.

DavCat - that column is in Dave Barry's Greatest Hits, and if I wasn't so lazy I'd get up from the couch and look up the title. Instead, I recommend you buy the book. :)


My favoriote is a very "classic" article which involved the army using bats as weapons in some war effort. I laughed so hard I cried...

I'm sure that it won't be missed here, but the exploding whale column may be the funniest thing ever written. The first time I read it, I was on a movie set. My attempts to stifle my laughter nearly cost me my job (and my professional reputation) until I handed the column to my producer, who actually blew a sound take while reading it.

My favorite one has always been the one he has yet to write....still eluding him in the distance...beyond boogers and oosiks...his own white whale....Moby Squirrel.

...and the ones about Sophie were pretty good, too.

Annie, if he writes Moby Squirrel he will have to start out with, "They call me Dave". Then maybe add in, "It was a dark and stormy night". I'd buy it.

Thanx Jan!

Boundless Gratitude for all the goodies by Dave.

Dave's column, the one that catapulted him to national recognition, on natural childbirth was a comic masterpiece.

With apologies for repeating this here: I made copies of that column and brought it into the LaMaze class that my wife and I were attending, almost resulting in a few spontaneous births in the classroom. That night's class was entirely unproductive, as neither the participants nor the teacher could keep anything close to a straight face.

love the pic of bert lol

It's hard to pick a favorite one. Kinda like a stubborn booger.

OK, Siouxie. Um. Ew.

Sending this via transcranial backchannels as well ...

1) Ernest and Zippy orbiting the Thanksgiving turkey carcass, emitting large quantities of doggie guilt

2) Beano, in which the location of Mexico is revealed

4) Profit!!!

We ad --- a doggie name Hoggie, why am I thinking about him now, don't know. Maybe the booger thing,he never reminded me of a booger and always reminded me of vacation. too, Hoggie was a bit of a glutton for good fodder.

are we all still in love with the Callie Known as Da e Barry, or has someone snatched him up?

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