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April 29, 2010


Nursecindy says she thinks the oil spill looks, quote, "interesting."


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Perhaps alcohol was involved (not in the spill, in nc's viewing).

If you move the scrubber to the far right it turns into a pony! Or it's Amy Winehouse trying to sneak out of rehab. Definitely one or the other.

I see Jesus.

p.s. A bit off topic, but I thought I'd share. I blanked on Amy Winehouse's name a minute ago, so I Googled "english singer heroin assault." Amy came up #1, 4, 8, and 9. (Pete Doherty had most of the other spots.) Sad but true.

i'm looking, but i cant find the pope in the pizza...

NC - and since they've decided to control the slick by setting it ablaze that would mean, of course, that it's Great Balls of Fire? >wink<

I see a circumscribed image...

I see a dog on April 27th.

I see a plot for the 24 movie.

What? A semicolon is interesting now??

No Dora, this is the plot for the 24 Movie.

i see dead people . ..

You'd have thought it would head for New Orleans.

I know I'm not the only one who thought this image was strange looking.

A slick willy?

Heh, Ford. Good one!

It looks like a carrot. But really, Cindy, if vegetables do it for you, there's certainly nothing wrong with that at all.

What exactly was in that birthday cake??

Steve H., I don't remember but it was very good.

... cave drawing is all I've got ...

Cindy must have had a great birthday if this was on the mind while looking at a clump of floating crude.

Is Cindy still off the cigs? Withdrawal can often cause hallucinations. NTTAWWT.

Offshore joints are forty feet long.

haha Martini: Mr. Hankey?

Dang, you beat me to it trustf8!

Sharkie, I had a great birthday. I thought it looked like a cigarette!

Very glad to hear it! (Did you miss cigarettes twice as much then?)

Another example of how I failed the Roreshast(sp?) test. I thought it was an Arab riding a camel.

I'm doing much better now, Sharkie. I'm down to one bag of jellybeans a day now. Whenever I got the urge I just ate a jellybean instead. They wouldn't stay lit.

Yay cindy! One more nice-smelling woman in the world!

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