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April 28, 2010


Scantily clad women fail to cause earthquake

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)

Additional information for scientific evaluation purposes only, from Allen at Division


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Ms. judi?? the page is no longer available. I blame it on the boobies.

Earthquake got the link! Everybody panic.

The cups are less than half full.

There are twenty-four MILLION boob photos posted! That's like 48 million separate boobs.

If they all jumped up and down, perhaps that would create an earthquake.

Yeah, but MY page is available! (and more, um, pictorial...)

Allen, I'd *SMACK* you with Punkin's boobs but you wouldn't survive that.

Extra spaces in the link...
Try here.

Issue them all jump ropes and repeat the experiment!

Henry, Padraig,

I am shocked...shocked I didn't think of that myself!

Uh Oh...


more likely a milkshake, henry

Allen needs some intervention. I believe he is hopelessly addicted to boobs.

more research is needed!

According to Gene Weingarten's comments, the event in DC had 2000 journalists jostling to interview eight women. When asked about the event by Tom The Butcher, Weingarten responded

It was a bust

nc, you say that like it's a bad thing . . .

Mmmmrrpphhh--What? Oh, yeah, you're right Cindy.

Siouxie, fair is fair--another, please?

And Happy Birthday NurseCindy!

Don't think of yourself as another year older. Think of yourself as being one step closer to seeing all your friends in Heaven.

Nothing wrong with scientific evaluation. But if Bill Clinton scans down the images with a cigar in one hand and his mouse in the other, he's gonna get a big surprise at the 45 hour mark...

Some of the men standing around DuPont Circle, watching, should have participated. They looked like they had some impressive man-boobs.

Do over!

I hope this guy did his part...

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