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April 30, 2010


Spikes Tactical, a company that sells high-powered weapons in Central Florida, has been attracting quite a bit of attention lately,,, Large white letters on the windows of its vehicles read: "Stay 100 meters back, or you will be shot."

The owner of Spikes Tactical says it's his way of supporting our troops overseas.

(Thanks to Clown Puppy)


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So? Ever drive up here in Boston?

They don't even BOTHER to warn you!

"'....or you will be snot'??? Mavis, get closer to that van. I can't quite read it without my glasses."

*snork* @ Annie

Can they blast out those perpetually blinking turn signals while they're at it?

"Look, Billie Jo, that van's got that curly writin' on it. Must be one of them there terroristas. Hand me my shotgun."

Just imagine the fun you'd have driving that suv here in DC. Playing tourist as you drive past the Capital, the White House, various other Federal buildings, getting followed by unmarked Black SUVs, the one way ticket to Gitmo...

"a company that sells high-powered weapons in Central Florida"

I think this is a misplaced modifier, but, knowing Central Florida, I could be wrong. Just to be on the safe side, I will be instructing my children NOT to tease the large mouse.

Combine a direct threat with Arabic writing that few in this country can read and it is practically guaranteed that someone will shoot first. Also, 200 meters is longer than two football fields and I doubt that many people could read that from a distance like that.

I've never driven in Florida. On the other hand I have a perfect driving record. Then again I could get shot if I drive there. I will never drive in Florida. I'll just let the nice cab drivers take me where I need to go when I visit there.

Well, I could use a new gig...

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