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April 27, 2010


...didn't we already cover this?

(Thanks to Johanna Reilly)


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Dave, there are many worse songs now than MacArthur Park. You wrote your column in that innocent time before rap was invented.

“Havin My Baby” by Paul Anka must rate way down there among some of the worst songs ever to emanate from a recording studio. I really hated that song. By the way, the journalist Dave Barry’s seminal work titled something like “Book of Bad Songs” that came out in the 1990s is a wonderful compendium of songs like Havin My Baby….. Songs to make you just EXCLAIM: “Oh my God! I remember that ! And it was truly awful!”

Obviously this is a commenter with taste!

Dang! I just had to go on and read the comments. As in gambling, one should know when to stop.

Feelings, anything by "he who must not be linked to...

There a lot of songs that I liked the first 500 times I heard them and then they kept on playing them over and over. McArthur Park and Honey are 2 that I just cannot even stand to think about. And anything by Paul Anka.

I'm right there with you Siouxie on Feelings. My mother loved that song, and would play it over and over. To this day, my siblings and I tease her that any problems we have were caused by being tortured with that song.

I still have one of my old piano lesson books. One of the songs was Feelings. Another was Muskrat Love. Yet somehow I managed to grow up not completely hating music.

That truly is disgusting...to read a Dave Barry masterpiece, copy it, and then NOT give credit to the master, but then to USE it for his own rewards...

I'd sue him.

(Just kidding...he has a whole chapter on protstitues in his book...where he did EXTENSIVE research that was not even funny. No amount of money can help him.)

Sounds like a copyright infringement case to me...

Guess the Times had no news that was fit to print.

Question to Mr. Dubner: "Who is guilty of some serious plagiarism?"

His answer: "I am, I said."

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