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April 26, 2010


A disastrous place.

(Thanks to Brian Duval)


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All of those problems can be cured with the Bass-o-maticShamWowGinsuOxycleanClapperChiaPetDuctTape.

it does need benny hill music.

was there anything in there about the horrors of not having a snuggly? or one for your pooch?

Queenie, see comment #6 which links to the BennyHillifier and applies the Benny Hill Music. Very funny, as you suggested!

All those time when you thought to yourself, "Boy, I hope no one saw that!" Well, there you go.

The horror... the horror....

I'm always surprised at how the TV people can't do anything until they buy the product being advertised. I must confess I bought the Pedi Paws for my chihuahua. She is more afraid of that than the nail clippers. They failed to mention on TV the motor is loud. I just hope I never see the day when I can't put an afghan over my lap or when I can't crack an egg or cut brownies without special equipment.

...or wax your own legs?


No consumers were harmed in the making of this video.


I've heard the same thing about those nail clippers, that they scare the animals.

A while ago, I bought those SoftPaws for a cat who clawed me sometimes. Then I read the directions. They say to clip the cat's claws first. I've tried that, and usually you get a whole month's worth of scratches in 1 evening. Taking that into account, trying to use the SoftPaws didn't seem to be a good idea, at least not for that cat. Oh well.

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