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April 27, 2010


Two men charged after attack with ceramic frog

(Thanks to Ralph)


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A little harder and the guy could've croaked.


It was crunchy, wasn't it?

Frog legs. Mmmmmmmm.

Was it this ceramic Frog?

I know the Second Amendment doesn't cover this.

Good one, NS. Took a minute.

I'm surprised at you, NS. I didn't figure you for someone who would make insulting jokes about ceramics.

Mama toad him not to come. That ain't the way to have fun son.

I'm embarrassed to admit I own one of these. I've never hit anyone in head with one though mainly because I don't want to break my frog.

Off topic

Sorry it took so long guys and gals but my Rock Bottom Remainders DC Concert pictures are finally posted at:

Washington RBR Concert Pictures!

Roy Blount and I shop at the same haberdashery. Different hairstyles, though.

Great pictures ArticAl. You captured some great facial expressions on Dave and others. I really like Scott Turow's collection of wigs.

Is Dave playing some new chords?

"I'm surprised at you, NS. I didn't figure you for someone who would make insulting jokes about ceramics."
You're right, Meanie. Ceramics are some of my biggest supporters. Frogs, on the other hand...

I'm sure that most Ceramo-Americans will be pleased to hear that.

was he hopping mad?

A ribbiting story... never understood a single word he said,
but- fortunately he was only glazed.

*snork* @ notsherly.

much snorking. snorked coffee on my screen. all the good puns may be taken already.

Al, great pictures!!

Very nice shots, ArcticAl. Bravo!

*Lights the Bloglit Signal for possible mature but not dead attendees at the Dave book-signing appearance on May 4 in Manhattan*

(Email me at stevesmontclairnj @ yahoo.com if interested in joining forces)

Sorry, Meanie. I won't even be able to attend the Miami strumpet that weekend. I'll be at my daughter's graduation. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!xzzzzzzzz

-xzzzzzzzz (in need of more coffee)

Siouxie, Congrats to the fledgling. I hope she has good fortune in the job hunt.

Meanie - is maturity absolutely required?

Thanks, NSherl!! I'm hoping for that as well. Good thing is...she's got a home to come back to while she looks. And Mom will be more than happy to have her back ;)

I would point out that maturity is subjective.

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