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April 05, 2010


Soon. Very soon.


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Does my butt look big in these pants?

Mmm, nice tail.......oh, wait.

"Absorbent doggie undies and thongs."

8:30 in the morning and we have doggie thongs...

I picked a bad day to give up drinking...

You got that right, Hammie.

I'm embarrased for that poor dog.

No one would blame him for tearing his owner's throat out.

How to make a bulldog even less attractive

Interesting choice of panty for a male dog. NTTAWWT.

Fellow Bloglits, HELP ME! I have had an itsy bitsy chihuahua for a week, and I'm starting to look at things like

(where did my linky go?)


Oh, Punkin, say it isn't so..

snork, snork

Yes, I succumbed....I'm fighting the urge to get a Coach bag to carry her in.

*bangs head against wall*

Awww. Id de widdle biddie doggie cute.

Victoria's REAL secret.

*SMACKS* BFF!! snap out of it!!!!


Thanks, BFF - I needed that.

Punkin, I have 2 itsy, bitsy, chihuahuas. You'll get over it.

Do Chihauhuas actually come in any size other than itsy, or indeed, bitsy?

Teeny and weeny.

I've learned that the smaller the dog the more it barks. I also have a lab that seldom barks but does look at the chihuahuas while they are yapping all over the yard. She use to try and figure out what they were barking at. She finally decided it was nothing.

This sort of stuff has got to psychologically mess with a dog's sense of worth. You've got Rex out there trying to leave his calling card by marking every single bush pole and tree, yet he can't seem to get that squirt out from inside his shorts. Very troubling.

There damn well better not be a Kitty Vogue...

Armored doggie

I never knew someone actually caught J. Edgar Hoover "in the act (of cross-dressing)!"

I can see the need for things like this. It keeps rabid dog fanciers from doing something REALLY reckless. Like breeding.

This would really mess with Stewie's (my daughter's smaller dog) self-esteem. He is a committed journalist.
When I take them for walks, he starts out leaving complete columns but after about a half-mile, he's reduced to tweeting.

The princess's teacup chihuahua is always cold in winter, so she has a hoodie sweatshirt she wears. I must confess, it looks very cute on her.

Cindy, your Lab just doesn't understand Spanish, is all !

Steve, my old aussie used to do that too - I always wondered where he kept so much "material" to keep reporting !

Wake up, people! This "Pants for Dogs" company is obviously a front for the shadowy Cat Syndicate.

After about 3/4 mile, and the 34th stop, Stewie is reduced to a "stroll-by misting". His heart is in it but that's about all he can manage.
He loves me because I'm "alpha dog" but putting pants on him would be a biting, for sure.
And I wouldn't blame him.

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