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April 22, 2010


But the sheep-pigs are here.

(Thanks to Steve Huete, Michael Ester and the luscious Craig Ferguson)


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I can't help but wonder how much they paid Emma Thompson to take that poor sheep/pig to a premiere?

first to sing,

"Sheepy pig, sheepy pig
Does whatever a sheepy pig does..."

You can shear a pig many times, butt you can only skin it once.


Public Service Announcement:

Sometimes things get a bit muddled around here.
The headline is supposed to read:

The subheadline was supposed to be:
The Remainders Are On Tour

You are welcome...

The Austrians thought they were makin'
a sheep that was flavored with bacon.
A delectable lamb,
to go with mint jam.
But the Brits knew the hogs were just fakin'.

Mary had a little lamb
But it turned out to be a ham!
Mary didn't give a dam
She loved him anyway.

Then one day, "Baaaa" said the pet,
The next day all it said was "Oink"
So Mary told him "Better yet -
I wanna hear a "Boink!"

So Mary loves her boinkin' lamb
Or boinkin' pig
Her 'half-lamb/ham!
He likes it when she calls him "Shig"
He boinks: "I love ewe, too".

If you're hearing boinks your neighbors are having more fun than you are.

"Zo, Herr Kirchenkuchen, juzz how did you breed zee scheepschwein?"

"Really, there's mutton to it!"


The source of Lingerie League footballs.

At-whaaaa e-thaaaa uck-faaaaaa?

(Lamb Latin)

it's baaaacon!
oh crap.

For the second time today I am forced to express my agreement with a blog posting. Yes, Craig Ferguson IS luscious.

O'er the ham parts we watched....

*snork* @ Ralph

Emma looks good, but who's that pig she's with?
Looks like a big, fat paint roller.

Mary had a little pig.
At least they told her so.
With fleece just like a powdered whig,
the pig could handle snow!

It can knit its own booties for the pork chops.

Yes H la B - what we all want to know is what it tastes like. A bit like chicken maybe?

...and we can braid its wool into pigtails.

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