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April 26, 2010


French flag bottom-wiping causes anger

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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It was done in a spirit of "creative expression"?

*barfs on French minister*

So was that, dude!

Taunt them a second time!

Liberte, Egalite, Derrierite!

Sacre merde!

we farteee in your general deeeeerection.

Damn bot, must be French. It ate my post again.

I had the same thought as queenie, only I "wiped" in their general direction.

What?? TP is white, too. French surrender to the Klingons.

Siouxie - I dunno. Maybe f@rting is more haute couture than wiping.

All that stuff about liberty and equality is a farce. First they persecute people for wearing what they want, and now they want to take away the rights of free expression? The French flag totally deserves it.

I thought those frenchies used those bidet thingies rather than wiping? Hence the lyrics "ride your poney, Monet, Monet"?

I may not know what I like but I know Art when I see him.

Go and boil your bottoms flags, sons of a silly person!

Cheeky mônkey!

Reminds me of the famous photograph, The Wee-peeing Frenchman.

Soon the French will have a new stinky cheese to deal with: Noriega's being extradited!

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