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April 28, 2010


Labour calls in 24 director to revive election campaign

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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Sounds bigoted to me.

I hope he's not in charge of security.

Given that "24" is described in the article as "a piece of drama, somewhat sinister, fairytale-ish," then perhaps former directors of the show are a perfect fit for a political campaign.

Provided, of course, that Labour doesn't also hire the writing staff. Which, I'm sure, would just delight the Tories...

(From what I've heard about recent UK politics, Gordon Brown has already been making much use of the Wooden Dialogue Generator...)

I think you're bigoted.

I'm sure that the reason that Gordon Brown has struggled so much in the debates is that he has a mole inside his Party. Yup, that's the reason.

Forget the fact that David Cameron has essentially been outpolling Brown ever since Brown took over for Tony Blair!

"Okay, the entire plan hinges on us being able to drive from Croydon to Harrow during rush hour in 10 minutes..."

He's got to prioritize:
1) Keep frogmen from grabbing 10 Downing St.
2) Restart the Tower of London toture cells.
3) Have CTU show their security methods to Scotland Yard. Maybe they could franchise their talents.

Just make sure that there are no Frogpersons Frenchmen in the tunnels leading from the Thames to 10 Downing Street.

But does Chloe have the schematics for 10 Downing Street? At least there's plenty of CCTV for her to use.

I like this description of Brown's gaffe:
Imagine if Obama's gaffe about "clinging to guns and religion" had been uttered by John McCain, about his own base. With a week to go.

Of course, anyone who reads the Washington Post knows the LibDems are Tea Baggers.

Of course Chloe has the schematics for 10 Downing Street! She borrowed them from her friends on the MI-5 show...

Just wanted to jump in here and say "Happy Birthday!" to nursecindy!

So even Jack Bauer is more personable than Gordon? Labour is doomed.

Clearly this is a job for Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood team...!

If Jack isn't too busy steaming up Wisteria Lane, that is...


If he follows the "24" formula, he will bring back former PM Lapdog to complicate the plot.

Phase 1 - collect underpants
Phase 2 - ?
Phase 3 - profit!

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