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April 29, 2010


We got tadpoles in our Tupperware

And all of them got names...



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Science Fair time again, Dave??

I'd keep an eye on Fatso.

You won't have 'em much longer if you don't take off the lid so's they can breathe (and anchor a piece of screen on top with a rock in case Lucy gets hungry) ...

Hey, Who you callin' 'FATSO'??

*bites off Dave's ear*

Tadpoles in Tupperware WBAGNFARB and their first album should be titled: Meet the Family.

Basic frog ecology: Frogs make tadpoles, tadpoles eat algae, frogs eat tadpoles.

Where's Buddy?

And people eat frogs.

Maybe that's where all this is headed, eh Dave?

How do you know which ones are boy tadpoles and which ones are girl tadpoles?

There are holes in the lid.

Shoulda named one after siouxie's cat...or all of them...

... but the science project's over
And we missed it by a day.

Now, we can't release them tadpoles
Beyond the giant fronds
'Cause the lizards have defrosted
Out near the tadpole ponds

So, we keep 'em on the patio
With air holes in the lid
We'd feed 'em some mosquitoes
'cept they're bigger than our kid

Dave, if you need any "replacement" tadpoles, I have PLENTY of them out back at our lake. I hear their mommies and daddies at night...ALL FRIGGIN' NIGHT!

Coco? That would be the one with the fake tan, wearing gold lame' and oversize sunglasses. I assume the rest have overalls and mullets. (Ok, Fatso has the sweatpants and is eating the Ben & Jerry's.)

Be sure to brush up on your burial at sea procedures, too.

Just be careful when your neighbors come by for some sun tea.

Roll call Day 1: Bob, Gus, Larry, Billy, Coco, Bud, Popeye, and Fatso.

Roll call Day 2: Bob, Gus, Larry, Billy, Coco, Bud, and Fatso.

Roll call Day 3: Bob, Gus, Larry, Billy, Coco, and Fatso.

Roll call Day 4: Bob, Gus, Larry, Billy, and Fatso.

Roll call Day 5: Bob, Gus, Larry, and Fatso.

Roll call Day 6: Bob, Gus, and Fatso.

Roll call Day 7: Bob and Fatso.

Roll call Day 8: Fatso.

Roll call Day 9: Dave, Mrs. Blog, Sophie, Lucy, and Fatso.

LOL Hammie. Exactly.

I love a tadpole project.

Frogs or toads, Dave?

So they are dressed in little jerseys with their numbers?

You were permitted to put holes in Tupperware (TM thingie)? I would be aspiring to sleep in the garage in three months if I damaged a precious Tupp.

It's not Tupperware ... it's Rubbermaid. Not nearly as expensive and therefore not worthy of garage sleeping if holes are poked therein.

None named "Tad"? Lincoln had one named "Tad". A kid, I mean, but I wouldn't rule out the tadpole.
Our frogs are feeling romantic, so it shouldn't be long, now. The toads are out in full force but they don't say a word. They just sit there looking like Don Rickles only a lot quieter.

Um...just putting this out there butt...I believe tadpoles grow into frogs. You're gonna need a bigger container.

I'm sure Lucy can pretend to be a frog to get a closer look: Lucy in disguise with slime in.

Yow Ralph! snork

Is Larry still sleeping with his sister-in-law ?

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