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April 09, 2010


If you're looking for something to do in Skokie tomorrow night -- And who among us is not? -- there's always this.


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Is it coincidence that the ads next to the article are offering BM front row tickets? Dave, is there something you wish to tell us?

Letterman had a joke in his monologue on Wednesday. "A guy in the office says to me, 'Hey, I can get a couple of tickets to see King Tut. Do you want to go?' And I say, 'No, thanks, if I want to see mummified remains, I'll go see Barry Manilow.'"

Be careful of the street gangs in Skokie. At least I think they are street gangs. They dressed alike, spoke a different language and wore their hats the same way.

maybe cspan will pick it up and show it on book tv

Dave - the tickets are a little pricey. Any discount for Blog regulars??? :o)

Good Luck Dave, Can't wait to buy your new book that is coming out next month.

Dave wrote a book?

Who's Stephen King?

Okay, there's no way I'm gonna make it to Skokie. Why do you need to leave the toilet seat up? (besides the obvious benefit of draining off anything left behind)

And by the way my pianist friend and I call him Bang Bang...

gangs always speak different languages.. should, would if they could understand each other.

Wait, is this like a one-off show, or is Dave going on a speaking tour? 'cause that would be awesome!

Wish I could be there to play the part of 'woman in audience'. Dave and Steve H.? The only good reason for a man to leave the lid up on the toilet seat is because he is reaching around to get the sponge he is using to clean the toilet, after which he will put it down. I'm not sure what reason Dave will give but that is my opinion.

הרבֿ, טוט פּאַטינג די קלאָזעט אַוועקזעצן זיך אָנרירן דעם שבת?

At least I think that's what I heard.

Ah, Cindy, I miss so much being a bachelor. (Not.) I'm guessing any male in your house who does not practice this strict sanitary regimen is going to need a nurse...

Okay, now: When are you coming to central Texas? ;-)

Big Saturday night in Skokie: change your underwear, go see Dave Barry.

Is that the same principle as your mom always telling you to wear clean underwear cuz what if God forbid you should get in an accident and have to be taken to the hospital? (Cindy, you'd know about that -- right??)

Absolutely Steve H. I once told a guy in the ER that I was the Chief Underwear Checker. I have a theory though, if you are in an accident they probably aren't going to be all that clean afterward.

Why go all the way to Skokie tomorrow, when I can go to Anderson's and see Ridley tonight? And learn Dark Secrets! About The Blog! http://bit.ly/bwWV5U

Errr, the link.

dances, Ridley is good. But he's better with Dave. Sort of like peanut butter and jelly, scotch and soda,ying with yang etc.. You get the picture. You should go see Ridley then fly up to catch Dave.

Lang Lang sounds like the Panda China gave Nixon.

Johnny Lang Lang. Chinese green tea blues.


Chief Underwear Checker... Hmmm... That sounds a lot more promising than Chicken Inspector... (heh heh heh)

I was booked on a flight to Skopje, and then I reread to blog.

same gang complications...(that is)

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