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April 29, 2010


The Fairfield Department of Health has closed its building in Lancaster for three days to treat it for a flea infestation.

(Thanks to Don Faber)


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infe'station.. isn't the lang such a wonder to us english folk?

They're all bigots.

Iespecially like the fact we don't have to be named 'flea.

what follow??

The blog is infested.

Send in the Tijuana Brass!

Ge a scholarship!

"The dry material left by dead cells is keratin, of which hair and nails are composed."

useless knowledge is good.

But I'll bet they were very healthy fleas, right?

Loved the TJB, trust8; that tune, maybe not so much...

One of my Favorites!...
Also The Lonely Bull.
&, oh yeah, he was hawt!

(...ahem: i was 'into older men')

Right decision. Care is helpful to avoid accident. Thanks

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