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April 29, 2010


Scientists have invented what women want in a man - the sensitivity spray. They say it is capable of turning the most macho of hunks into a dewy-eyed baby-kisser who says all the right things and stops going down the pub.


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A spray that turns men into women? It makes me want to cry.


Did ya HAVE to??? I just ate too.

*SMACKS* fivver!!!

One ponders how effective it would be on the Blogetts?

One wonders if there is a spray to make women quiet, naked and compliant.

I hear Bourbon does a good job of that. In large enough quantities.

Of course not Hammie, cause now that we have you talking about your feelings, we're goint to ask all kinds of questions....


Ironically they start screaming in the same manner as when you use peper-spray.

Ya think Mr. Before might be compensating for anything at all?

Hold my chablis and watch this!

Hammie?? jewelry works.

"...stops going down the pub."

Er, should that be "down on the pub", or maybe "down to the pub"?

Hey, doll, I'm home!

How's about bringing me a cold one while I catch the Monster Truck Demolish-a-Looza highlights? Have you got the remo---Spritz!---test idea how much I love you? What has your day been like, sweetheart? I can tell you need a massage. Here, take your shoes off and lie down with this blanket next to me. There, is that better? Should I light some candles? Tell me what you're thinking, babe....

*Sound of spray bottle smashing against back of fireplace*

A gift for you, Siouxie.

LOL Meanie. We have NO problem with men being sensitive. Not BM-lowed.

Probably not a good idea. And what guy is going to let someone stick something up his nose?

"Remove your own damn spider! The spider is just FINE!!"

...of course, this is based on a "scientist" named "Hurley-man".

We need to figure out how to load this into something we can drop on our enemy in battle (before they do it to us).

Nice start, Hammie.

Does this spray make my butt look big?

* ducks out to go shoe shopping *

Apparently it works for these guys...

Probably not a good idea. And what guy is going to let someone stick something up his nose?

Posted by: Elon | April 29, 2010 at 01:41 PM

As I have said before. Guys will do anything when promised a "Surprise"

I hope that Dave posts about 20 more things today so that this picture goes away. And to think I was going to download his book on my new e-reader.

"...stops going down the pub."

Er, should that be "down on the pub", or maybe "down to the pub"?

Posted by: Emmett Flatus | April 29, 2010 at 01:21 PM

It's a British paper; they talk funny. See here.

...It is released into the blood during labour - triggering the production of breast milk ...

This would probably put an end to my being sensitive (or make me cry)

I would be willing to bet that the pentagon is already working up a weaponized version for the battlefield.

And sadly, they both have mullets.

How'sabout I stick something up my nose that makes me more of an a55hole?

as long as there's an antidote.

Hey, I'm as sensitive as the next guy. I am the cook in the house and I clean the kitchen every night.
But I can't understand my wife when she asks me how I feel about X, maybe two different paint samples for the living room that look exactly alike no matter how much light I shine on them. I can't see why I should "feel" anything about a stupid paint sample when she KNOWS that the day after we paint the wall I won't see it for the rest of my life.
She plays a game and asks me what color the drapes are next to my bed, the ones that have been there for ten years? Are they tan or red?
"We have drapes?" is my response and I think that of most other men.
So, don't ask me about sensitivity.

It's time to buy stock in companies making these.

Umm.... will their man-boobs grow too?

If he'd had that in his pocket Mae West would have been really glad to see him.

*squirts* Steve with some sensitivity spray. Ralph, that gas mask can be removed. The best answer to give your wife when she asks you about paint colors, drapes, etc. is: "Honey, your taste is so much better than mine I'd rather you make that decision because I know whatever you choose will be wonderful and I will love it." Then tell her you want to make sure you put the toilet seat down and leave.

"In spray form, it seems the chemical can make a man 'feel' like a woman."

You make me feel...you make me feel....you make me feel like a womaaaaan......

Chuck - yup, the song needed to be sung. Maybe He Who Must Not Be Named will sing it for us!

Just when I was beginning to lament my bachelor status...you go and post this.

Screw it; I'm never getting married.

Proof that there is a Satan in the world.

My hed iz pastid on yay!?

Whose shady face is 'shopped onto Mr Over-Compensating's pudgy frame? It seems vaguely familiar.

Didn't miss piggy have some of that in Muppets From Space?

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