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April 10, 2010


Give me a P!

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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The next succesful designer scent - "Pis du Cheerleader."

Girls, urine trouble now...

Whatever happened to spitting in the cup?

These girls have a future as models selling used underwear.

That is a small hole to hit without an adjustable targeting apperatus.

Their Number One!
Their Number One!

Something tells me that these girls are missing out on a real marketing opportunity in the Far East.
Quick, how many guys out there have drunk beer that tasted worse than pi$$?
And then drunk another?

How many girls, one cup?


Seriously, in-school suspension for a couple of students is all they got?! And the others were given a good talking to ...? Yeah, Fort Worth ISD screwed up.
"Your Britney just slashed my tires."
- We'll give her D-Hall for a couple days.

girls, there's no P in team.

In-house discipline ... spankings because they were very bad cheerleaders. What wierdos put coke into a fine cup of pee?

Cheerleaders Secret Leaks Out. Film at 11.

Slap them on the butt.

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