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April 18, 2010


It's still mounting.


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ROCK ON, DUDES!! (don't forget the Ben Gay)(NTTAWWT)

With all that mounting going on, they are just like a real rock band. (The Free Library is great, btw.)

The RBR's do have more talent than they're talking about. Mitch Albom played the piano to help put himself through school. Dave, according to one of the other band members, sings okay and plays 'pretty well'. I think it was Lisa Scottoline. She also said they have a real drummer. I found this on Mitch Albom's website which has some great pictures of the RBR's.

O God, Dave, I'm in love..

anyone else NOT see a ring?

I wish the fever were mounting in Michigan. You guys do have more talent than you are willing to admit to. As a suggestion, you guys should get Steve Martin to do a couple of songs with RBR. He would be an additional asset.

Steve Martin is a floose. Great comedy in film, but an asset? not sure SM would ever be considered an asset. He probably too good! ha.

Why is it that our 'annoying one'^ feels the need to break the blog??? Close your italics! It's not rocket science and it makes Judi work more. Sorry Judi. I'm just tired of it.

maybe if it were rocket or science, I could figure it out.

not me this time


Dave, I think I can guarantee you won't be the oldest group performing in New York next weekend.

a shy moment..


nah, doesn't work (for me) anyways..

Any bloglits going to the RBR show in NY on the 23rd? If so, contact me, Lairbo, via the contact email at the Ant Farmer's Almanac.

Yes, Lairbo, I am going (NotSherly@gmail.com).

NotSherl: I sent you an email just a little while ago.

Also: I've been informed that the "About" page on Ant Farmer doesn't have my email address on it anymore. Rectification TK.

Lairbo, NSherl, Jeff - I should know by Tuesday evening if I'm a-goin'. If yea, then I would hope to join you for pre-curricular doings.

Love the blue shirt Dave

Love the Dave.
(dam I'm in trouble)

Very noble cause.

Back in the 70's when I was going to school in Philly I lived accross the street from the Free Library. As a student my entertainment budget was $0 so I spent a lot of time in that library. A very worthy cause indeed.

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