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April 19, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Revenge Justice Time. Be on this site, or be a seriously disadvantaged knight.


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Wait, wrong website

POSSIBLE SPOILERS _ DO NOT READ if you think 24 "makes sense"...it could shake your faith...

You know I overdoesed on Vitamin C and thus, I am totally wacko, so here goes....

Ex-President Handbag is behind the whole thing. He hired the Russians to scuttle the peace talks, assisinate President Sham, and get rid of the terrorits so there were no leads. He promised them pizza and money, lots of money, which he and his henchmen stole from BCCI and the Treasury. (And--Russians addicted American pizza.)

In fact, Handbag's mistress was the evil biatch who sent the Russian general's spy (son?) home on a plane alone!!!

Handbag wants to start a nuclear war with somebody, anybody ...because his henchmen assured him the mushroom cloud would be like, "awesome!" Of course he doesn't relaize that nuke fallout affects everybody, and not in a good way! He also thinks the mushroom cloud is made of real mushrooms, which will allow him to corner the mushroom market for 50 years! (His henchmen, by the way, were high school dropouts. He recruited them at APMC.)

He puts the moves on President Woman President and has Special Assistant S-Lave photograph them and blackmails President Woman President into stepping down. He also threatens Ethan's life .."Hospitals often
make mistakes in medications, sometimes fatal!" he intones. President Woman President begrudgingly capitulates.

But the US has a secret weapon: President Allstate is (gasp gasp) still alive, fully recovered from the poisoning. His advisors faked his death and funeral, and told him to lay low until the true terrorists and traitors can be exposed.

And we find out that Jack is a new breed of half human, half robot warrior, and they have cloned/made several thousand Jack Bauers....wow!!! Terrorists-- and other movies--better watch out!!! Chloe knows this, is the
original Bauers handler, and gave him the emotions chip which only she can turn on and off. double wow!!!

...So if this isn't correct, blame it (as I do) on the Vitamin C "brownies" my neighbor brought me....

It's just a flesh wound!

I loved that movie.

* APMC is the Arkansas Pickled Mollusk Cookoff.

I just noticed on the 24 website that you can get DVDs that include deleted scenes. I'm guessing those are the ones where he goes to the bathroom.

ok...someone stole my post.


I immediately knew which knight Dave would link to.

"It's just a flesh wound"

funnyman: I find your plot prediction totally unrealistic. I mean....c'mon. Isn't it obvious that George Mason is the one actually pulling the strings behind President Handbag's return???

Jack will have to use the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Will there be Killer Rabbits?

Jack Bauer, the agent that says "nih."

Instead of thigh shootings, there will be SPANKINGS!!!

Ripped from today's NY Daily News headlines (well, the TV section): apparently Renee is pregnant.

Another little Bauer is on the way!

Jack's response: (with apologies to Black Eyed Peas)

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good Knight
that tonight's gonna be a good Knight
that tonight's gonna be a good good Knight

Tonight's the night
She gave it up
Renee is gone now
I'll rip you up!

She was disarming
like Oh My God
She was alarming
...What a BROAD!

I feel stressed out
I wanna let it go
Lets go way out spaced out
and losing all control

Fill up my gun
I'll have your head!
Look at me stabbing -
Bring Out Your Dead!

Let's Do it, Let's Do it, Let's Do it, and live it up

Feel the shot
body rock
Rock it don't stop

Round and round
up and down
Silent clock...

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good Knight
that tonight's gonna be a good Knight
that tonight's gonna be a good good Knight

LOL love it, trustf8!!

Why is this knight different from all other knights?

Kudos, trustf8!

I love the Black Eyed Peas.

Would that be a European swallow?

Wooden dialogue generators?

*....and hoists a tankard of mead to tf8!*

Are you sure you're not thinking about tonight's House?

(scroll down to video extras: Huzzah!)

Do we have to watch all the way to the end?

Can we be done now?

I have the sneaking feeling they're setting us up for Jack either catching that final, fatal bullet or going to jail for murdering an ex-Prez. Then again, they still have that movie to make. *sorely missing Special Agent Red Head...sigh *

I don't believe that Renee is really dead. I think she's undercover and this is part of her cover. Has anything that crazy happened on 24 before?

Paddy, did you write this under an assumed name? Or are you a mole too??

@ nursecindy

well, besides jack [twice] and tony [once] not really, i guess ...

not to be a nudge, but President Allstate was shot in the head in his hotel room. The poisoning occurred before that and he did recover from that.

I hate President Woman President, FYI

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