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April 24, 2010


We're on the train from New York to Boston, where we play our last show tonight. We had a fun show last night in New York (thanks to the blog folks who came out) (we apologize for "Charlie Brown") followed by one or two or possibly four beverages, which made it extra fun to get up early for the train. On the train with us are the Rolling Stones (all the top bands travel by train) featuring Keith Richards, shown here searching the luggage compartment for narcotics.


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Ridley looked a lot more alert last night than this morning.

And sorry we didn't get to see you after the show.

Why is everybody always pickin'on Ridley?

OK, so, it may have taken an extra start or two, but Charlie Brown was excellent.

Thanks for a great show, Dave, Sam, Ridley and the band! And for hanging out for photos afterward.

Look out, Boston!

Has Ejfjallajokull disrupted the international train service on Amtrak?

Photos, Meanie???!!!

Ridley looks far better than I do this morning, and he got up earlier.

Has this "tour" been going on forever, or what?

need..... coffee..... Tai Chi....

Meanie has photos.

I'm sure he won't mind sharing them.


My photos here, Tash. I'm hoping other attendees will post theirs.

(Yeah, I'm talking to YOU!!)

Great photos mtb. Wish I could have been there. I know y'all had a great time.

Awww...poor Ridley!! He looks so hungover tired.

Great pics, Meanie!

Pretty cool billboard in TS Meanie. Ya otta be in pictchas.

I think Ridley is doing research for his next book. He wants to see if it's possible to stuff a guitarist with a camera into an overhead compartment on the train.

Hoo Hoo the Magic Train. Ridley just stuffed Dave in the overhead compartment. He was a carry on this morning.

How did y'all get on a billboard???!

Leetie: It's all who you know. In this case, Meanie.

Great show last night. Everybody on stage was in top form. Hats and wigs were worn with aplomb, Elvis was conjured up; Amy Tan and Scott Turow belted out their numbers with gusto; Sam Barry (as always) played a mean mouth harp and prompted much audience participation; Ridley managed to play bass and laugh at the same time; and Dave pulled off some pretty fancy fingering on several tunes (we noticed). Also, Dave's new song was a hit, destined to be a staple in the band's repertoire. Great to see NotSherly and Mr. NotSherly, the Meyersons and Meanie. Good BBQ (hold the WTF) and achieve momentary immortality on a Times Square billboard.

Spontaneous good fortune, Leetie. That, and a purchase from the shop that owns and runs the billboards.

Next time you'll be with us.....

Awesome pics, Meanie! Very organized, in proper APA format even....

Ridley looks like he just got off Space Mountain!...or maybe he takes joy in knowing that if the train breaks down, he will be able to look underneath it, and fix the problem in nano-seconds due to his great research habits...who knows more? The conductor or Ridley? Or maybe he's happy because Dave FINALLY fell asleep.

Great photos! Looks like you all had a good time.

Thanks, NotSoShyJan. You are very much correct.

Are you by any chance related to NotSherly?

*Waves @ Meanie, Lairbo, and the Jeffster.*

We just got home to CT after a wonderful stay in NYC, of which meeting you all, Dave, and some of the Remainders, was the highlight. Meanie, great pics. I haven't looked at mine yet, but will post.

To all of you going to the RBRs in Boston tonight, you are going to have a great time!

Just put my (and the Mrs.'s) pix up from last night. There here:


That should be "They're" here (where's a proofreading woman when I need one?).

The comment about Keith Richards reminds me of something Denis Leary said about Keith telling kids not to do drugs. He said "They can't do drugs, Keith, because you already did them all! There's none left."

Scary simul cindy.

GMTA Loudmouth. The pictures of the RBR's last night are wonderful. I wonder if they're ready for their 'international' tour to be over?

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