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April 23, 2010


Today we're heading to New York, because if you can make it there, you are not us. We'll be playing at 8:30 at the Nokia Theater, and I am fairly certain that tickets are still available. We plan to introduce a new song or two, and we have gone so far as to try to figure them out ahead of time. Here's a photo of Ridley and me practicing in the train station in Philadelphia. (Ridley is trying out an experimental bass position.)

Last night we had a fine show in Philadelphia at the Electric Factory to benefit the Philadelphia Free Library. Thanks to everybody who came, and to the Electric Factory, which has a green room equipped with a camel, shown here with Roy Blount Jr. and me. If this picture appears fuzzy, it's because we were.



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And by "fuzzy" you mean having consumed large quantities of adult beverages...

Is that a new chord you're trying out too, Dave?? I'm impressed!!

The Nokia theatre? So that's the one theatre where you don't have to turn off your cell phones? Or is that just when the Remainders are playing?

Well, I plan to make it there. I really hope the RBRs do too.

Unless the new songs are ones by ..... *refuses to name him*

We'll be there with bells on. In fact, here is Meanie in the outfit he'll be wearing tonight.

You're gonna have to buy a lot more rounds, if that's the case, Jeff.

No higher resolution available.

Thank God for that...

That camel is almost as cool as the ones they used to have at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

So, the IRS looking into the tip jar after the train station gig?

I'm gonna take a SEWAG and surmise that Nokia has bought or otherwise paid for sumthin' to do with the venue where the RBRs will be "performing" (?) ...

Considerin' where the Nokia phones are made, I find that strangely (and appropriately?) symbolic ... unless it's not ...

If this is the last date on the "tour" ... then the Nokia place would be ... Finnish ... eh?

Is "tuning" an experimental position? I thought that was just for violas.

NMUA...planting a chin on the horn of the bass (the part sticking up by Ridley's right hand) works ok, and looks a little less dorky.

I believe Ridley is really just trying to get rid of an earworm.

So that's where they sent Joe Camel. I'm sure the RBR's do not consume adult beverages when performing. Jeff and Meanie, give Dave a hug for me tonight you lucky dogs.

I'm sure he'll take that is meant, cindy.

Hey Dave, I have the exact same guitar! Bought it around 1973-74 at Leo's in Oakland, Ca. Reissue of the '55 LP Jr. I actually had a real '55 Jr that I got by paying off a guy's $40 bar tab! No lie. Sad ending to that story, but they are nice little axes.

caressed carmel camel, or is it butterscotch gotcha?

camels don't really carmelize.

In the preview for next week's 24 i swear i saw Jack with a guitar.......

I've got it!!
Dave Barry is a MOLE, & he will suffer a major Jack Attack,
then, after saving NY, Jack will become the Ultimate Guitar Hero!!!

if Ridley were a camel and Dave carmelizes.. what would they have in common? Nothing. that is why Dave is teaching Ridley the basics of caressing his guitar! ha/

Olo, I don't think they care how dorky they look.

Since Dave carmelizes, and there is a camel in the green room, and since Roy is there anyway, he may as well show Dave that all camels (if caressed properly) will behave if you stand behind (support)them.

dam, you zipped that post!

Is it just me or are some of the later comments on this post a little strange? Wiredog's comment excluded.

dave, for jacks's sake, save NY!! I want to see him become that guitar, har!

story of the day, Ridley the sexiest man alive!

(hope mrs. ridley doesn't take offense)

and jack, sorry, it must be very painful..

here's a new song, dave:
Called 'Guitar Strings'

Life is a guitar of strings, attached for all life brings. Life is a guitar of strings, attached beyond our flings.

When you wake the call for break, just remember the walk to take. Can there be without the cake, a Master of the stake?
Campside we wait til no more bait, making most of every fate. Down the road another date!


nursecindy, loose strings are all around us, wake up and smell the coffee tour.

(puts paws over ears til its over)

tho I can't understand why!!

you're right, camels really don't care how dorky they look.

really bleeding t his thread!Ha

it's not uncommon for camels to showcase their world, that is why we have two moons for Earth. or is it one? I always get mixed up

Hey, Pathetic Pest writing under all the different names? I think the Yahoo blog is looking for you.

pathetic pest I can remember :-)

must be the white shirt dave is teaching ridley in (subconscience mind)

    still, trying to figure if dave is being taugt by ridley or the other way round'

must be the white shirt dave is teaching ridley in (subconscience mind)

    still, trying to figure if dave is being taugt by ridley or the other way round'



Yahoo, is that where I can discuss GH where Sonny was the one w/ Claudia's blood on his shirt not the son's shirt (wha's his name?)

Lairbo, if you can find a teenager to be your squirrel.. no, I mean a squirrel to be your teenager! ha!

dave, really like the blue pants. are they bluer than ridleys', though:-)

wish I could be there tonight, Dave and gang. should be a rockin' show.

wish I could be there tonight, Dave and gang. should be a rockin' show.

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