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April 20, 2010


Last night, in lieu of rehearsing, the Remainders had dinner in Washington, D.C. I sat with the great Roger McGuinn, who showed me how to fold my napkin into a bird of paradise, or in this case a Byrd of paradise.

If you had told me, back in the Sixties, that some day I would be taking napkin-folding lessons from Roger McGuinn, I would have said you were high, and you would have been, because it was the Sixties.

Anyway, Roger will be performing with us here in Washington, although unfortunately not in the other three cities. But we still hope you can come see us, wherever you are. It's for a good cause, and as a musical bonus we are attempting to learn several new whaddyacallems. Chords.


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Ok, Dave, you can mess with (I will not say 'Learn')new chords, but don't mess with the Loud. I'll be there in the audience (mob?).

Have Joy, Dave! I know the audiences will!

Dave, we'll be there on Friday, along with several other lunatics bloglits - Lairbo, NotSherly and probsbly Meanie, so far.

Anyone else coming? Dinner and drinks beforehand.

Dave's napkin looks excited to see Roger.

Judging from the red eye, Dave has what that knight on "House" had.

The Remainders sound good when rehearsing in the lieu.

Watch out for the Giant Rats, I hear they came along to the new place.

Also, the cupcakes are reputed to be awesome.

I remember seeing the Byrds live on stage and that is truly a miracle given the times. The Yardbirds gave me a lesson in rock life. They wound up eating at the table next to me in a restaurant after the concert. A minor argument occurred between band members over whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday. I got up to refresh myself and was given the opportunity to settle it. As I walked by, one asked, "Hey, Mate, is this Tuesday or Wednesday?"
"It's Friday."
"Oh, thanks." Then he turned to his bandmate and said, "See?"
I'm not sure I got that last comment.
Dave, is this Thursday or Friday?

Roger is awesome. I saw him play with the RBRs out here in LA. When he plays guitar, he hardly ever looks at his hands. He did, however, look at Dave's hands.

Ok, I'm unclear about the underwear rule for throwing on stage. Does the band prefer new or slightly worn?

Wish I could go!! Wahhhhhhhh!! I was fortunate enough to see Roger & The Remainders in NYC at the same time I met the man of my nightmares, Jeff Stephen King.

*wonders which new chords Dave will attempt to play*

Hammie, THIS one would work. Just wash it first.


They prefer the underwear to still be sealed in the original packaging. It's your call whether to include the receipt.

If I (or someone who was, unlike me, born before 1969) had told you, back in the sixties, that you'd be taking napkin-folding lessons from Roger McGuinn, you'd have said, "Who?" because he was calling himself Jim then (okay, he was Roger starting in 1967, but still...).

Underwear? Chords??

Does this mean Dave will be wearing performing
on a G string???

Actually, the band throws underwear at us. A word of warning - beware the little girl throwing kazoos. She has quite an arm.

Nice, Siouxie. I'm always complimentary about you.


trustf8 - that would be a stretch.

Don't get your pantaloons all in a bunch! You know I kid, Jeffypoo!!! I loved meeting you and Meanie and Lairbo as well!

As well?

Well, if you're not coming to St. Paul, then fie upon you.

I like fie.

Oooh, fie with whipped cream.

Okay, is ANYONE else going to the Boston show on Saturday night? Besides me, I mean? Punkin, surely you will be attending? It doesn't sound as if it will be quite as exciting as the NYC show we went to a couple of years ago, but still.

Somewhat related to the topic...

Happy 420!

Waves at Siouxie!!!

^Sounds like NO ONE keeps their 'butt still' at these concerts.

HEY! Jeff Carrie's Friend Jean!!!! LTNS!

NY was fun, I was just telling Lairbo that he was the highlight of my whole trip ;-P

'Lemme hear your Bottom Rock, your Bottom Rock...'

Sx: Unless you've (still) got pictures, I'm denying the whole thing.

Deny all you want, but .....

@ Lairbo -I have pictures. And videos.

@ Hammie - Honey? do these granny panties make my butt look big??

So does Meanie. I was going to keep it our little secret, Lairbo butt...

Will any blog people attend the Philly concert on Thursday? (note to Siouxie: did you ever receive any e-mail from me?)

Never, Siouxie!

No I didn't, Tink. ([email protected])

Will you be wearing your usual outfit??

Well, I won't wear the entire costume (that's for book-signings and other formal occasions) but will take my magic fairy wand. (Siouxie-tried again to forward beach photos to above e-mail addy.)

*Waves at Siouxie*

And Lairbo, you should be EXTREMELY flattered; Siouxie met the dread "Uncle Stevie" that day, but it's YOU she considers the highlight of her NYC RBR trip!

Got 'em now! Thanks!!!


Actually, it's a toss up between Lairbo and Punkin's "girls".

I may have met him but Meanie has his spit DNA!

I agree with the fie thing. We like weird noise music in St Paul too. And we donate. Um. Money. To worthy causes IYKWIM

JCFJ: "Flattered" doesn't begin to describe it.

MKJ: You comin' Friday?

Meanie has Uncle Stevie's DNA? I thought there was a *slight* resemblance . . . .

(In re Punkin's "girls," I have to admit I was impressed, too!)

Attn Jeff Carrie's Friend Jean: I am hoping to attend in Boston. However, I will have just driven back from South Carolina and I may be too brain-dead to go. I am crossing my fingers for a clear and uneventful drive, so I might be able to recuperate enough to get to the show.

Beware of volcanic ash.

Completely OT:

I just went through yesterday's 24 thread and attempted to post a lame, way-after-the-fact comment, and got the strangest Windows error message I have ever seen here.

"! post doesn't belong to the blog"


Meanie, that sounds like a virus to me.

I was initially disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to make the NYC show on Friday because - get this- I was going to be in Boston for the weekend. Dumbass didn't even think to look at the rest of the schedule. So, yes, Mrs. Layzee and I will be at the Boston show. I'll be the guy wearing the blue shirt.

I must have gotten it from Stephen King, then.

turns out my company (Pearson/Penguin publishing) is the one sponsoring this tour - so all of you please go to www.wegivebooks.org and read a book with a child - for every book read online a hardcover book is donated to a child in need. A worthy cause indeed, as we all know Dave needs young people who don't know how goofy he is to read his books - espcially the one's he writes with Ridley!

That is a good cause Harmonysdad and I've given to them in the past. This is a cheat sheet for Dave. Roger McGuinn probably already has his own copy.

Butt nursecindy, "F" requires six fingers!

I noticed that bonmot. I guess you could ask someone else to help. Perhaps Roger could reach over and give Dave a finger. iykwim.

Dave will just pull it, cindy. That could get pretty silly on stage. Which happens anyways when they start switching chords. I believe you just stretch one finger over the fret and use the other 3. (I dabbled in a bit of geetar playing back in the day). (I had a crush on my teacher).

It's a "bar" chord. Siouxie of all people should know that. ;)

Aha, Guin and Lazeeboy, at last, someone else from the blog who will be at the Boston show! I suspect we may need more than blue shirts in order to recognize each other, but it's a start, anyway.

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