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April 29, 2010


Here's a video of Roger McGuinn in the band hotel attempting to better his previous scores of 96 and 97 singing "Turn Turn Turn" on Amy Tan's karaoke machine, which demands that you REALLY BELT OUT THE SONG. Offering encouragement in the background are various band members, some of whom may have had a beverage or seven.

Some of the band members use coarse language, but only in heartfelt support of Roger.


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Where's the video of hotel security showing up? Also, isn't is sacrelegious to sing along with and talk over a Byrd?

Okay, sacrilegious.

I hear similar words when I'm singing, butt rarely encouraging me to sing louder.

BTW, Ted, two word: aspect ratio.

It would have been better with more cowbell.

Chorus language? Actually, I thought it was rather nice.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that ...alcohol was probably involved. LOTS OF IT. I should know. This sounds exactly like my "drunken karaoke" nights.

Huh. I don't remember the F-word in Ecclesiastes.....

Looks like the bald guy in the background is working on his
Wii Fit 'merit badge'.

I'm sure if Roger keeps practicing someday he'll be almost as good as the original singer. Siouxie it sounded a lot like my 'non-drunken' karaoke nights. I don't understand why I don't score higher. I sound great in the shower and when I'm on the lawn mower cutting grass and belting out some classic rock.

We now have the answer to why everyone gets sick on cruise ships.

Pesonally I liked the acoustic version that he did Tuesday night in DC at the meet and greet. Besides what does the stupid machine know - it probably like Barry Manilow!

In my case it's more like scary-oke.

Roger gets the award for being the most patient man ever to sing into a karoke mike. His 'audience' was louder than he was...

In fact SO much louder, I think it needs to be done again...

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