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April 30, 2010


It can get lonely.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Viva tab-ass-co.

When a guy prefers Franks
To his own 'hand-made' yanks
...That's a Sore-A!

I wonder if Paris Hilton would say "That's hot!"?...

*snork*@ Annie:


And the taxpayers take it in the a$$...

Given the circumstances, *Snork* @ prisons spokeswoman Walburn.

Stay in school, kids - learn the difference between condom and condiment.

You'd think this guy would know that the one rule of prison survival is "Don't bend over to pick up the Tabasco bottle in the shower."

Hemorrhoids from Hell.

snork @ annie!

prisoner #1: hey budy, pass me the hot sauce.

prisoner #2: mmmrhhrhhrrrhrhrghgh.

prisoner #1: hey, i said pass the sauce!

prisoner #2: mrmhghghghgghgghghgh.

prisoner #1: i said pass it now!!

prisoner #2: i'm trying, i'm trying! better call the doc.

Why does prison food always taste like ass?

So the "I was vacuuming naked and accidentally fell on the hot sauce bottle" excuse didn't cut mustard this time?

Ya know what burns my ass...

His favorite ketchup would be-Heinz...

'Shake + Shake the hot sauce bottle
None'll come and then....'

you know the rest ;)

Most people occasionally feel the need to spice up their sex lives. Usually this involves other people.

Most people just head into the showers with soap on a rope instead of hot sauce.

Rectum? Nearly killed him!

Anusty burn?

He must of thought that he was a hot item.

Ole Ole Ole Ole
Ole Ole Ole Ole


Me ass on fire, me crack on fire
Feelin' hot hot hot
Convicted people, all around me
Feelin hot hot hot

Oh what to do, on a night like this
The bottle's sweet, I can't resist
We need, a party song
While I try to jam

So now I can't boom boom boom boom
Yeah arroom boom boom boom

See people laughin' yeah people cryin'
Feelin' hot hot hot
Get out the scalpel come on let's do it
Feelin' hot hot hot

It's out in the air, celebration time
Feeling sweet, captivate your mind
We need a party song
While I try to unjam

So now I can boom boom boom boom
Yeah arroom boom boom boom

Feelin' hot hot hot
Feelin' hot hot hot


I found this extremely important news article on fark.com today. I can't believe the major networks didn't pick it up.

Did you know Dave has a treehouse?

Must have been mowing the lawn just before the picture was taken. Nice raccoon eyes!

*Dash o' Snork, Waves @ Hammie*

Prisons provide hot sauce? That's coddling beyond good taste &/or necessity, IMHO ...

The aforementioned ketchup (bottle) should be all the "enhancement" that felons receive ...

... um ... yeah ... you understood that part, din't'cha ...

I was a nurse for the detention center for several years. I never saw anything like this but did have a guy try to overdose on a bottle of Benadryl. I told him that fortunately not only was he not going to die but he would also never itch again. I really enjoyed working there and as an added bonus, I was proposed to regularly.

He must be real popular with the other guys on Cinco de Mayo...

Lz, see yesterday's toilet humour blog. And that's some spicy meatball.

Seriously, how hard can it be to find someone to do . . . well, THAT, in PRISON?!

On Treasury Street in St. Augustine is a small shop that sells hot sauces and tourist geegaws. One of my favorites in there (by name only) is Screaming Sphincter.
Now I know where it's bottled.

It is a tailhold by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying bluffing.

He really wanted Texas Pete up there.

Well, smack my arse and call me Sally.

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