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April 26, 2010


Head wrapped in toilet paper, man robs store

(Thanks to queensbee)

Vaguely Related Crime here.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Hey, times are tough.

A hundred and sixty-three dollars worth of clothes at WalMart is like half a truckload. It was the strain of lifting it all that made her let go.

Of course, she left her FLORIDA drivers license behind........ idjit

i just wondered how the teepee bandit could see where he was going, oh never mind...

What's his secret? I can never keep the TP on.
On the other matter, I am currently suffering from a lower back strain, aka, "amputate at the navel, so I'll feel better" syndrome.
In this state, you can easily wind up with your underwear down around your ankles where they might as well be in another state as far as your ability to get to them.
It would be very easy to say, "Pi$$ on 'em", but that's not a good idea.

A shrink would say she wanted to get caught.

Steve, I feel your back pain. I am gearing up for surgery #2 on my back. The article on the woman at Walmart didn't say but I'm assuming that alcohol was involved. I agree Jeff, she wanted to get caught.

She doesn't look like those people at Wal-Mart in the pictures you sent, cindy, but I'd guess she has about their same intellect, i.e. not much.

well ain't that some shit?

Please don't squeeze the felon.

Later, some stool pigeon turned him in.

NurseCindy and Steve, hope you both get better soon! I'm praying for you both.

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