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April 30, 2010




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God Bless you!

The Csillagfogok. What, you've never seen a csillagfogok?

They're pretty horrifying, actually. Not at suitable for kidlit.

couldnt it just say 'pirate'?

The cover art and title is just a hook to get the buyer's attention.

Isn't that a place in Iceland?

Oh, and congrats on the Hungarian translation.

Try http://www.aukcio.ittvettem.hu/dave--pearson-ridley-barry-peter-es-a-csillagfogok-4443449.html if you are hungary for more information.

Maybe they couldnt spell "pirate" queensbee



Do they have to pay extra for vowels in some of these European countries? For example the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

On the speak like a pirate translator,Csillagfogok actually means:

Ya scurvy cur who ortin' t' be keel hauled!

Which in modern English means Peter is about to get his a$$ kicked.

It's an acronym for "Can't Say I Laughed Loudly At Gene For Ongoing Gyppy Oosik Keening."

wiredog, I knew it I knew it!!!!! And I clicked ANYWAY!!!! AAAAAUUGGGGHHH

Hover, Tash. Always hover over the linky things.

Peter and the Illegible Dust Jacket?

*SMACKS* wiredog.

Heck Tash, I even said it was horrifying. I mean, what, do I have to say "Don't click on this picture of Barry" for you to be completely safe?

oh, i'll get the book, will just axe for the peter and the whooosis. or something like that.

Spell it right: "Csìllågfögøk"

The møøse insists on it...

I suppose Smee gets to clean up all that stuff Peter's doing all over the deck.

C.S. Illagfogok is author of The Lion, The Witch and the Ngratlobtolok.

It's Welsh for "puppy".

So, Csillag means "Star" in Hungarian.
What's with the gofok?

The Hungarian reviewers were rhapsodic.

Is this even legal?

Cindy, all the vowels washed overboard at sea.

Wiredog, MUCH better.... I just can't explain it, I see the nice bright word and I just can't help clicking....

Hey! That was the verification word I had to type for my last post!

Gofok a star??

I'm more concerned about the green chunky stuff leaking from Peters' bottom.

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