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April 27, 2010


The 'Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield' solves unsightly bum crack problems

(Thanks to Siouxie and bonmot)


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I'm sure there is some reason why pants wouldn't work.

Finally, the perfect gift for your favorite plumber.

"buttock-cleft"? Is that what, in English, is referred to as "ass crack"? ASSuming (ha!) it is, why am I so sure that those whose "buttock-clefts" I would most like covered are the least likely to use them?

I wish I spoke better English; I was expecting a story about housing transient cocaine addicts.

I hear spackle works too...

I was going to sat Bondo Wes. Maybe they can sell advertising.

If they could only develop something like this for cleavage in the boobular area. Then we'd quit having all these earthquakes.

They should call it The BumWow.

I'm more in the market for a device to offset my own terrible disease: noacitol.

*snork* @ 'noacitol'.
(It takes a minute)

Is it available with NCAA logos?

I LOVE the BumWow name. And I'd totally get a Bengals logo (no NCAA).

A temp tramp stamp - for those who only want to be trashy on the weekends.

I prefer to use the less traditional method of Pants and Underwear that Actually Fit.

I miss John Madden and his magic yellow crayon.

Two words:

Crack Spackle®.

That is to say, somebody else already thought of this, especially in how it relates to plubmers or plumbers, and other similar tradesmen. Hopefully this will be enough text other than the link that it is not flagged as Specially Produced in Austin Minnesota.

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