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April 18, 2010


Women want nookie as much as the next bloke

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Me too!

Line from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: "Dad, I was the next man."

No we don't. Please note this article was written by a man.

Er..I mean..

We don't???

Let me rephrase that. Some of us don't. Better, Siouxie? Siouxie? Cut that out this is a family blog!! Nothing to see here. Just move along.

the whole intent here is just get over it, and no one needs that as much as..well, you get the idea.

Fosters has something to do with it.

No time to write more. I'm busy packing for my move to Australia. - Horace J. Digby

Interesting that Australia has a Not Safe for Work police force...oh, wait, I get it!

I'll (will) always "contend" the woman (not man) should be down under. else, its ALOT of work, and work is emotionally 'painful' (for woman).
dam, dam, Dam, dam.

I'll (will) always "contend" the woman (not man) should be down under. else, its ALOT of work, and work is emotionally 'painful' (for woman).
dam, dam, Dam, dam.

new meaning to down under i guess.....

they keep mentioning seducing.. I don't believe in seducing. Romantically inclined, yes.

Who broke the blog?

the whale

Spammy Interlopers. Just don't try the HTML thing. Computer literacy is not your long suit.

Cookie Monster Me want cookie! You say what?

Watch dogs in your home if you're a dog lover! We need host families!

Would all spammers please exit the blog in an orderly fashion at once please!

Um, nc, the article's second author is a bloke of the female persuasion. Even the first author's last name has connotations that would prevent the blog from linking to it directly. Also, the blog isn't *broken*; it's just slightly aroused.

N C is for N Cookie
That's NSW good enough for me

This family-way-friendly interlude has been brought to you by the usual coupling of suggestive little numbers and a naughty letter we probably shouldn't mention, IYCOD.

Exactly, Loud! Not meaning to copy your excellent idea -- I took too long to finish an entry I started an hour or too ago. I got distracted watching TeleTubers and Boob-Ahs.

An hour or too! INCONCEIVABLE!

Down under those shows expose themselves as Fosters Children and BoobOz.

Fixing the blog....working...


Well, I tried. Maybe it needs to close out an "em?"

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