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April 26, 2010


It's not always pretty.


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I think the sloth keeps eating my posts.



and just WHO WHAT is he emerging from, Uranus?

Thanks for that, Dave.

Now I don't have to take my appetite suppresant.



Good Gawd, it has the same hairstyle as Bill Clinton.

looks like a newt.

Aw, it's a sloth! What's wrong with a sloeeeeeeeeew!

Cover of new cd: Courtney Love in her band 'Hole'.

So THAT'S what a s***-eating grin looks like!

OK, everybody is disgusted. Probably most of us have had a "chocolate"-loving dog. Or one that has rolled around in a fur-pancake beside the road. And people love dogs.
Personally, I'm not that fond of sloths. I got tired of playing fetch and waiting a week for him to get back.

The sloth is much more useful than the former Speaker of the House.

Is this what gives them such a unique flavour?

agree wiredog! i was at the zoo in syracuse, ny (they have a really nice zoo there) and they have slothses. they live in trees because they only have 3 toes, and cannot really walk, but they can move from tree to tree easily, when they move. which isnt often. but they are a homely group. come to think of it, so is newt.

Y'know, some animals, after they crawl into a hole, should pretty much just stay there. Resist the old comeback urge. Which makes me ask, did they hose off the sloths to make sure one of them wasn't Britney?

The Bunghole Slothers WBAGNARB that kind of sounds like a band that already exists.

and its too bad they arent cuter. you just dont wanna pet a sloth. ewww.

"playing fetch and waiting a week for him to get back." LOL at Steve's comment. Very funny.

I think this sloth falls into the "so ugly it's cute" category.

Kris, dude, it's kovered in krap! How kute is that?!

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