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April 06, 2010


Yesterday was the birthday of my little brother Phil. My even littler brother, Sam, wrote a nice essay about Phil. I remember the puppets, Frank and George. They had far more impact on my brothers than I ever did.

I sent Phil an email yesterday to wish him happy birthday and point out that he's getting old. He responded with the most concise and accurate description of aging that I have ever read: "It's weird being respected no matter what I do."


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That was really nice, Dave. Thanks for including it here.

I can't imagine any of my siblings writing something that nice about me!

Phil lives in Roswell, Seen any aliens? Georgia, outside Atlanta, So that would be yes, then.

having been raised the nice boys of a minister father. So what explains Dave?

Yay, Sam! Yay, Phil! Yay, George & Frank! The gators reminded me of Gali the Gator.

My two sisters were the bane of my existence for the first 20 years of my life. It was the wonderful experience of getting away from them that made us all realize that one day we really would part, permanently. That was an attitude adjustment, I can tell you.
My older sister once tried to drown me in Kingsley Lake near Jacksonville. Now, I can see that I overwhelmingly deserved it.
We drove by the lake a few years ago. I asked her if she remembered the attempt, but she didn't. Just one among others.
We both had a good laugh.
Family should be important.

I used to tell my younger sister that she was adopted....and she used to get really mad, which was the point of my teasing. She eventually became a very successful adoption attorney and adoptive mother herself. Who knew I could be so inspiring!

Dear Phil,

Don't think of yourself as another year older; think of yourself as being one step closer to seeing all your friends in Heaven.

Happy Birthday!

Really nice. My big sister is turning 60 on Friday. (I am younger by 14 years; do the math.) It's great to have siblings.

I am the oldest of three children. I can honestly say that I was in the same boat as Steve. My sibs and I didn't really learn to appreciate each other until we had moved out of the house. I sort of wish that weren't the case, though. I mean, appreciating each other, yes, but waiting until we were in our 20's to do so, not so much. It would have been nice to have much closer relationships as children.

Schade, boy.

wiredog, that's Roswell, New Mexico where the aliens are although being from Georgia, you're probably right. btw, I'm the commenter on that very nice tribute. Notice how I said Dave was probably the role model for them all.

It's not so much my own age that makes me feel old, but the age of my children. Today my youngest turns 26. UGH.

Happy Birthday, Sarah! (And Phil).

I know the aliens were in New Mex, I saw the TV show (I only watched it for Katherine Heigl).

wiredog, I suppose you only watched The Dukes Of Hazard for Daisy Duke?

Jeff, have you done anything for us worth celebrating?

Well, yeah, why else would I (or any guy) have watched that TV show?

I once went to DukeFest in VA to help out a friend who's Cooter's stepson... Dave really should go to an event like that.

All those years I thought the ex was watching that show to see the car, The General Lee. At least that's what he told me.

I have a Shoe Sunday comic strip for birthdays.

Shoe and Skyler are sitting in Roz's diner. A female patron is at the counter and she tells Roz, "Today is my birthday." Roz wishes her a happy one and asks how old she is. "39. I feel like an old hag."
Skyler attempts to console her: "You aren't so old, Lady." A black cloud appears above her head and she leaves the diner.
Shoe: "Well, Skyler, what have we learned?"
Skyler: "Hags are sensitive about their age."

When I was a young man in the Navy (back when there were wooden ships and iron men) we would watch Charlie's Angels with the sound turned off, that way we weren't bothered with the thin story line.

Anyone seen the geezer bus? I seem to have misplaced it.

Nice essay, Sam!! (did not know Sam married Kathy = COOL!!!)

Happy Birthday, Phil!!

Kathi, that is ;-)

Excellent, Barry Brothers & Sis!

Being the oldest of one, I ... um .....

abbie - Meanie has the keys.

A blessed belated birthday, Barry Blog Brother!

Expressions of sibling affection such as this sumtimes make me wish I had siblings so they could write about me ... and then I realize whut they'd be most likely to talk about, and I'm thankful I don't have siblings so they could write about me ...

HOWever, those of y'all suggestin' that sibs & family are important, I couldn't agree more with y'all ... MB(RH?) has sibs, and the "family" parts of that cause me to consider, and I decide ... I'm thankful I don't have siblings so they could write about me ...

Speaking of "Siblings" ... it's a very nice book, writing by Anna Quindlen, fotos by Nick Kelsh ... I think if it every day, becuz I have a signed print of the cover foto in a prominent place in our home ... and I think about my own family, and my cousins, who are as close to "siblings" as I'll ever have ...

Hey, thanks for that, bro.

I guess I needed to include something indicating 'joke' up there.

Why didn't you just italicize it, Jeff?

Oh, yeah.


Good one, Annie.

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