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April 28, 2010


Do NOT click here.

(Thanks to Veronica C., a woman)


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Ummmm . . . I think we did this one already.

*offers to help judi brush up her resume*

rut roh....judi?? Time to pack those bags.

owwwwwwwwww. sorry guys

Ouch! Interesting emergency room drama.

I think it's a story worth looking at again. I remember reading it but not on this blog. I'd like to know what other methods they used to 'free' him before getting that rather large grinder out. ( I really don't care but I love to see the guys squirm) Also you can tell a man wrote this article since he refers to his penis in the third person.

Is the phrase "Do not click here" intended to be rhyming slang?

Wouldn't have mattered if they'd had a little "slip" with the cutting blade; the patient obviously wasn't getting much enjoyment out of his own "tool" anyway.

Not if he was looking for love in such a wrong place...

Paramedics don't charge for this; they only take tips.

Circumscribed with a circular saw!

Similar story: a family friend supplied his friend the ER doc with an angle grinder and the expertise to use it to remove an outer bearing race (basically, a ring of hardened steel) from an, ah, unfortunate experimenter in male autoeroticism.



The spankings will now begin!


Ferrous toolers stay off.

I get to smack nc? I'm IN!

Happy Birthday!

Happy nth Birthday, NC!

Gets in line to spank nc...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone! You've made my day.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, NC!

Cindy, did you see the vid I posted back on the Bali thread? You might want to head there for your birthday celebration...

*sends NC some champagne*


Thanks again to everyone. I saw the cowboys and I'm waiting for them to show up at the door.

Heh. No explanation for how the guy's penis ended up in the pipe, eh?


" Bruised and Swollen ", eh ... ? I think that's how they described Al Franken after his grueling 2008 Senate campaign.

A cutting torch would be faster, and you could blame any damage on a hot date. You could also use liquid nitrogen to make it brittle, and break it off. I vaguely recall a movie about that; I think it was called "Freeze Willy."

LTTP as usual -- where is it?

Happy Birthday, nc!

Don't worry, we won't.

I'll add my own "Happy Birthday" to the list, NurseC.

I get to celebrate mine tomorrow. Or today, since most of you are on the East Coast...

This man loved his work. Literally.

So the new foreman said to the crew "Men, today we lay pipe..."

Happy B-Day, Nurse C!!!

Happy Birthday, Wes!!!

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